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This information is for players; please use discretion about what your character would know.
Some major events on the mainland are shown in blue to give some perspective, and they may also have affected the inhabitants of Arboria.

Bitewind 15 Shadokhan: Icaruss Ap-ol Ithgath is born (Winter Solstice - 1/15)
Earthfreeze Shadokhan: Icaran Wars begin. First sighting of a Icaran War Golem.
Soothcool 30 Shadokhan: The battle of Dawn's Early Light, where Icaruss and his forces are destroyed upon the plains south of Dreven. (9/27).
Goldfall 14 Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven is crowned as Emperor of the Silver Moon Empire (11/10).
Fadefrost 9 Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven I dies at age 77 (2/10).
Blossombud 16 Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven II takes the throne of the Silver Moon Empire.
Fadefrost 21 Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven II dies.
Blossombud 2 Shadokhan: Harnum Silabrea Grey (at the ripe old age of 80) takes over as regent until Tumian comes of age on his 16th birthday.
Meridian 15 Shadokhan: Tumian Dreven comes of age and takes the throne of the Silver Moon Empire (7/14/95).
1257(this year marks the beginning of online gaming)
Sunshare 17 Across the Empire: Empire-wide Soniarium Ban announced officially in Dreven (5/17/00).
Sunshare 24 Across the Empire: Outlander Edict announced officially in Dreven; practice of Outlander magic outlawed everywhere except the Crosswinds Tavern (5/24/00).
Meridian 30 Oceanuus A disease called "Red Tide" kills 500 mermen within 50 miles radius on the empire's northern shores as the first shard of Shahir Ad-Zoth is discovered (7/29/00)
Earthfreeze 3 With Irmaa Vep's assistance, Chajar goes into 'Twixt to discover the truth about Tumian (12/29/00).
Earthfreeze 5 Shadokhan: Icaruss reassembles the Shahir Ad-Zoth, regaining his own body; he discards Tumian's body, then showers Dreven with Fire Rain. Annabella rescued from Taysyad through the sewers (12/31/00).
Bitewind 30 Shadokhan: Tumian revived (1/30/01).
Warmgrow Shadokhan: Tumian's tour to the Archmages (6/01).
Soothcool 4 Across the Empire: A rare double eclipse, occurs blanketing the Silver Moon Empire in darkness. The portals across the Empire begin acting strangely as they become unreliable and begin sending people to the wrong locations.(09/01/03).
Moonshare 29 Shadokhan: The Crosswinds Tavern vanishes amidst rumors and speculation ranging from Icaruss destroying it to the Hive sucking it underground.
Goldfall 30 The first mass of undead cross out of the borders of Balthazor, swarming over a small village named Ravendale on the Arborian border. No survivors remain.
Blossombud The Elven Nation secedes from the Klockwork Master's Empire. They leave peacefully, and assume a neutral role towards the Klockwork Regime.
Blossombud Cloosidian: Against Klackatonakin's council, Cloosidian secedes from the Klockwork Master's Empire. The human cities that are in existence are held free from Empire laws and become the Free Cities, with neither help nor hindrance from the Seleventi King. Klackatonakin becomes the unofficial authority for the humans.
Sunshare 19 Shadokhan: The Klockwork Master and his army enter Shadokhan and Dreven City. The citizenry is given the choice of pledging allegiance to the Klockwork Master or banishment from the surrounding lands. Military members such as the Silver Moon Knights are offered allegiance or death. To the surprise of the people, their lives are largely unchanged by the Dreven Empire's usurpation.
Fadefrost The undead again are rampaging through Balthazor, and begin to spill into the other regions.
Moonshare 29 Across the Empire: A shudder runs through the ley lines, and across the entire continent portals begin to function once again. People that had been thought dead for ten years suddenly reappear to a world different from the one they knew. The Crosswinds Tavern, too, once again materializes. (10/26/03).
Warmgrow Across the Empire: The portals begin to act strangely, affecting those using them, and any mancers in the area.
Meridian 18 Shadokhan: Edict from the Dreven Magistrate announces the Klockmaster's death and the fact that Kronomancers are mixed mages wanted for arrest.
Soothcool 30 Shadokhan: During the Festival of Dawn's Early Light the Rebels stage a coup against the Klockwork Regime. General Steelclaw surrenders. Ex-Captain Raphael Dolek takes over as Steward and begins the process of setting up a parliamentary government to run the city and its surrounds.
Fadefrost Relations with Balthazor remain highly strained. Sentiment among the Balt populace is that Elves are the cause of the Bloodsun Bloom. Murder of Elves increases.
Blossombud 26 Shadokhan: The Archmages meet at the Northern Portal to repair the damaged magic, confining the poisoned magic to an artifact called the Avon Mered. Irmaa Vep, long thought dead, is a surprise attendee. (03/27/07)
Meridian Kili Bashar is blackmailed into providing ships to protect Arboria from Balthazor.
Goldfall (mid) Under the instructions of Kili Bashar -- on behalf of Tequin Shaldolf-Sundew, Deathsong Port in Requeim is blockaded by the wrecks of ships.
Fadefrost 20 Oceanuus: Kili recalls the ships patrolling the coast of Balthazor for the Elves.
Chillset 7 Across the Empire: A sudden surge of magical energy, origins unknown, erupts from the Northern Portal in the Crosswinds Tavern, leaving damage and chaos in its wake across the entire continent. The portal is closed to all off-world traffic.

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