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This information is for players; please use discretion about what your character would know.
Some major events on the mainland are shown in blue to give some perspective, and they may also have affected the inhabitants of Balthazor.

Bitewind 15 Shadokhan: Icaruss Ap-ol Ithgath is born (Winter Solstice - 1/15)
Earthfreeze Shadokhan: Icaran Wars begin. First sighting of a Icaran War Golem.
Chillset 1 Irmaa Vep destroys Necromantic Arch-mage Zee'taz Tuladoom and takes the High Necropolis. The Balthazorian Inner Circle vanishes - permanently. (11/27)
Soothcool 30 Shadokhan: The battle of Dawn's Early Light, where Icaruss and his forces are destroyed upon the plains south of Dreven. (9/27).
Goldfall 14 Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven is crowned as Emperor of the Silver Moon Empire (11/10).
Fadefrost 9 Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven I dies at age 77 (2/10).
Blossombud 16 Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven II takes the throne of the Silver Moon Empire.
Goldfall 14 A baby is born to a mysterious woman who leaves him with an already ancient witch living in the Requiem Swamp. The woman, seemingly sickly, never returns for him. The witch names him Kamal.
Fadefrost 21 Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven II dies.
Blossombud 2 Shadokhan: Harnum Silabrea Grey (at the ripe old age of 80) takes over as regent until Tumian comes of age on his 16th birthday.
Meridian 15 Shadokhan: Tumian Dreven comes of age and takes the throne of the Silver Moon Empire (7/14/95).
1257(this year marks the beginning of online gaming)
Blossombud 13 Luminii: Fores Mish'al is raised from his grave by Ref Golaventi (3/14/99).
Meridian 29 Shadokhan: Blood rain falls on Dreven (7/28/99).
Fadewarm 30 Irmaa Vep is "killed" by Gane Torask (8/28/99).
Goldfall 1 Fores Mish'al takes Irmaa Vep's throne in the Necropolis (10/28/99).
Chillset Irmaa Vep takes up residence on the island Muerte de Vi off the Balthazoran seacoast (12/99).
Sunshare 17 Across the Empire: Empire-wide Soniarium Ban announced officially in Dreven (5/17/00).
Sunshare 24 Shadokhan: Outlander Edict announced officially in Dreven; practice of Outlander magic outlawed everywhere except the Crosswinds Tavern (5/24/00).
Meridian 30 Oceanuus A disease called "Red Tide" kills 500 mermen within 50 miles radius on the empire's northern shores as the first shard of Shahir Ad-Zoth is discovered (7/29/00)
Goldfall 20 The permanent cloud cover over Balthazor clears, allowing the sun to shine on the land, destroying much of the undead population; this is as a result of the fifth shard's discovery (11/00).
Earthfreeze 3 With Irmaa Vep's assistance, Chajar goes into 'Twixt to discover the truth about Tumian (12/29/00).
Earthfreeze 5 Shadokhan: Icaruss reassembles the Shahir Ad-Zoth, regaining his own body; he discards Tumian's body, then showers Dreven with Fire Rain. Annabella rescued from Taysąyad through. (12/31/00)
Bitewind 30 Shadokhan: Tumian revived (1/30/01).
Warmgrow Shadokhan: Tumian's tour to the Archmages (6/01).
Sunshare 24 Archmagess Vep is unreachable. It has been six cycles since she was seen in public. Chancellor Krist assures all is well. In truth, Vep has fled to La Muerte de Vi while Fores Mishal controls the Bone Throne.
Sunshare 30 The Requiem Swamp continues to grow, at a quarter of a mile a year. Balthazorian farmers worry that the rice paddies that provide their primary export will be ruined. Rumours grow that the Stonetimber Forest is the source of a number of free-willed undead. The only known fact however is that these dangerous undead are increasing in number.
Soothcool 30 Fores Mishal is ousted from his surreptitious control of Malcoven by a small raiding force composed of the swordswoman Ashoken d'Allessair, Edail Archiras and the stranger simply named Sinjin. Fores Mishal is killed in the battle to regain the Bone Throne and Irmaa Vep reclaims her seat of power in Malcoven. Edail Archiras is unfortunately lost in the explosive destruction of Mishal. The ultimate fate of Edail remains uncertain. As a reward for her instrumental role in the destruction of Fores Mishal, Ashoken is appointed the Captaincy of the Malcoven Guard.
Soothcool 4 Across the Empire: A rare double eclipse, occurs blanketing the Silver Moon Empire in darkness. The portals across the Empire begin acting strangely as they become unreliable and begin sending people to the wrong locations.(09/01/03).
Moonshare 27 Malcoven is baffled as six straight days of petitioning to the Archmagess are met with silence. Additionally, the newly appointed Captain of the Malcoven guard, Ashoken, goes missing. Rumors are that the two were abducted by Icaruss, or that they left for a secret mission to Khorezim.
Moonshare 29 Shadokhan: The Crosswinds Tavern vanishes amidst rumors and speculation ranging from Icaruss destroying it to the Hive sucking it underground.
Goldfall 3 The High Necropolis in Balthazor is raided by the Belladonna Sodality. Every present necromancer is slain with the heads mounted on the gates before the High Necropolis. The undead begin to wander aimlessly within the city, the streets are vacated and minor looting can be found within the richer districts.
Gentrain 5 Balthazor is overwhelmed with undead with no Necromancers left to control them. The Sodality finally reveals their intentions and their rule of Malcoven, setting up street militia that serves as protection for the living. A semi-state of martial law is put in place by the Sodality. Many people flee from the city. The undead mass begins gaining in size and strength.
Gentrain 14 The undead within Balthazor continue to grow and expand across the nation. At the current rate Balthazor will be overwhelmed by undead within seven years. The Sodality continues to purge the necromancers they can find within the region, leaving their heads as reminders to those who remain.
Soothcool Saxum in Sturrbith Barony: The spread of undead and the audacity of the Sodality sets off an unnamed necromancer's revenge. Plague and devastation ravage the living and the dead inhabitants alike. Few survive in Saxum and the mage plague changes the survivors.
Goldfall 30 The first mass of undead cross out of the borders of Balthazor, swarming over a small village named Ravendale on the Arborian border. No survivors remain.
Goldfall (Saxum in Sturrbith Barony) Kamal meets the wild wolf-like Mennths. They take to calling him the Lotus because he heals their wounds and makes them forget the losses they've suffered. Their gratitude for remaking them and their devotion to protecting him are absolute. The Lotus's Pack of wolves survives the years of undead infestation by wit, strength and the skin of their teeth while seeking Archmagess Irmaa Vep.
Chillset 1 Undead incursions into all of the surrounding regions have become a weekly event. Border patrols from the surrounding regions are haphazardly set up to prevent the undead from continuing their incursions.
Fadefrost 12 Tumian Dreven, Emperor of the Silver Moon Empire, journeys into Balthazor to put down the undead.
Blossombud It is more or less offical, the Black Branch Knights no longer exist.
Blossombud 18 Emperor Tumian Dreven and the Silver Moon Knight army reach central Balthazor and are met by the Klockwork Master and his Klockwork Army. Tumian Dreven I is killed by The Klockwork Master and the Knights are routed. Thousands are killed. The Klockwork Master declares himself Emperor in Tumian's stead while still in Balthazor.
Blossombud Arboria The Elven Nation secedes from the Klockwork Master's Empire. They leave peacefully, and assume a neutral role towards the Klockwork Regime.
Blossombud Cloosidian: Against Klackatonakin's council, Cloosidian secedes from the Klockwork Master's Empire. The human cities that are in existence are held free from Empire laws and become the Free Cities, with neither help nor hindrance from the Seleventi King. Klackatonakin becomes the unofficial authority for the humans.
Sunshare 19 Shadokhan: The Klockwork Master and his army enter Shadokhan and Dreven City. The citizenry is given the choice of pledging allegiance to the Klockwork Master or banishment from the surrounding lands. Military members such as the Silver Moon Knights are offered allegiance or death. To the surprise of the people, their lives are largely unchanged by the Dreven Empire's usurpation.
Fadefrost The undead again are rampaging through Balthazor, and begin to spill into the other regions.
Gentrain The undead incursions outside Balthazor grow suddenly worse, as if the undead are trying to flee something within Balthazor. Before the cycle is over, undead outside Balthazor all but stops. Klockwork Captain Tharius is given credit.
Soothcool Capt. Tharius is able to move his campaign against the undead away from the Sturrbith Mountains and into the east. He and his army have been in Balthazor for better than two years with no relief.
Moonshare Rumors begin to emerge from SE Balthazor, specifically the Padrical Barony, of a return of the Black Branch (w/o the title of "Knight"). That rumors flow from Balthazor at all is a sign of major change in the region.
Moonshare 29 Across the Empire: A shudder runs through the ley lines, and across the entire continent portals begin to function once again. People that had been thought dead for ten years suddenly reappear to a world different from the one they knew. The Crosswinds Tavern, too, once again materializes. (10/26/03).
Goldfall Ilda Mennth leaves the Lotus's wolves to work for Xerena Stonecutter.
Chillset Reports and some trade are coming from SE Balthazor. Tharius's starts to gain infamy. No one questions how there are no longer undead running free along the Sturrbith Mountains or in Southern Balthazor.
Warmgrow Surrounded by female warriors, Renol Duvualt claims he has killed Irmaa Vep and is now the Archmage of Balthazor. Undead once more begin to arise from the Requiem swamp, taking Tharius's army north, avoiding Malcoven.
Meridian Shadokhan: Attacks on Klockwork Army patrols and outposts continue, though more sporadic and fierce than the initial flurry of raids post-Tivili. Execution of captured insurgents is often rapid and merciless, providing a spectacle of entertainment for the masses. Even with their guerilla tactics, much of the resistance has been forced as far underground as Triad. In fact, Triad seems to be deeply involved in the resistance itself. Strange times calls for strange allies. (07/10/04).
Soothcool Word of a new Baroness of Padrical comes from Etrauch City along with word of a new force spreading order across all of Southern Balthazor. Etrauch City regains contact with Malcoven.
Chillset Despite conditions in the South, Tharius faces the most grueling campaign of his 3rd full year in Balthazor as he faces the well-organized undead of the Belladonna Sodality.
Fadefrost Shadokhan: Attacks on Klockwork soldiers and warehouses in Dreven City increase as separate rebel factions begin to come together.
Meridian 4 Lethe Village, Rainshadow near the Thermador Border: A strange illness wipes out the entire village. A villager from Morsvenit in Riverside passing through brings word of the devastation. Having contracted the disease himself from an infected half-elf, he carries it to the next village and the next along the border. This illness becomes known as the Bloodsun Bloom.
Moonshare Tharius and his army are ordered out of Balthazor and east into Thermador.
Fadefrost Two groups have emerged as powers and are credited with the rise of Renol DuVualt: The Black Branch and the Sisterhood of the Labyrinth. It becomes clear that The Black Branch is no longer out to destroy all necromancers and undead.
Blossombud 25 Turchen Yolnar arrives in Balthazor to seek out cures and remedies for the Bloodsun Bloom.
Warmgrow Baroness Soledaad Rourke prepares to journey to Shadokahn to establish possible trade and hopefully a diplomatic relationship. By now all accept Renol "The Black Vine" DuVualt as the Archmage and ruler of Balthazor.
Warmgrow Across the Empire: The portals begin to act strangely, affecting those using them, and any mancers in the area.
Meridian 18 Shadokhan: Edict from the Dreven Magistrate announces the Klockmaster's death and the fact that Kronomancers are mixed mages wanted for arrest.
Meridian The Black Branch is reborn and reorganized. Comprised of women now, they no longer seek to destroy either necromancers or undead. The 'Bloodsun Bloom' plague continues in the border towns of Eastern Balthazor.
Fadewarm 25 Accompanied by a troop of the new Black Branch, Turchen Yolnar returns to Luminii to enlist the help of more vivomancers to fight the Bloom.
Soothcool 30 Shadokhan: During the Festival of Dawn's Early Light the Rebels stage a coup against the Klockwork Regime. General Steelclaw surrenders. Ex-Captain Raphael Dolek takes over as Steward and begins the process of setting up a parliamentary government to run the city and its surrounds.
Chillset Renol DuVualt signs a binding charter establishing a House of Barons to rule the region. The Baroness of Padrical, Soledaad Rourke, receives official status. The Bloodsun Bloom epidemic continues, mostly affecting the Elven population.
Fadefrost Forts are under construction in almost all of the newly-organized Baronies. The Black Branch becomes Balthazor's new army. Relations with Arboria remain highly strained. Sentiment among the populace is that Elves are the cause of the Bloodsun Bloom. Murder of Elves increases.
Blossombud 26 Shadokhan: The Archmages meet at the Northern Portal to repair the damaged magic, confining the poisoned magic to an artifact called the Avon Mered. Irmaa Vep, long thought dead, is a surprise attendee. (03/27/07)
Warmgrow 12 The Lotus pays a visit to Baroness Tristiana Mikkhal of Nekroli.
Warmgrow 22 The barons of Stonetimber, Sturrbith, Nearcoven, and Upland go on unscheduled 'vacations' and do not return.
Meridian 14 Kamal takes up residence with Baroness Mikkhal. The Wolves are scattered to various duties. Lida Mennth remains by Kamal's side.
Fadefrost Nekrolimani: Baroness Tristiana Mikkhal takes her bodyguard Dail Mennth to Luminii with her to buy the Lotus a gift. By Sunshare the two are having an affair, though Trisitana intends to marry the Lotus. Kamal gives Dail a special gift of which he is unaware.
Gentrain Baron Anton Malcus building deep-water naval port and trade base in barony of Requiem - with or without political authorization.
Warmgrow 4 Nekrolimani As a result of their affair Tristiana Mikkhal conceives Dail Mennth's child.
Warmgrow 24 Sturrbith: Ilda Mennth goes to Dreven to bring Adil Mennth and the Aeromancer Kynn Rolarnn home to Balthazor.
Meridian Kili Bashar is blackmailed into providing ships to protect Arboria from Balthazor.
Meridian 4 Nekrolimani: Throughout the cycles of her testing in Balthazor, Kynn Rolarnn and Tristiana Mikkhal become close friends.
Meridian 21 Nekrolimani: While in Nekrolimani to resign her commision as Malcoven Captain of the Guard, Ashoken de Allessair reveals to Kamal that he is the son of Irmaa Vep and Cornelius Dreven II. Kamal's heart fluctuations become more pronounced during their interview.
Meridian 24 Nekrolimani: The Lotus, Kamal Dreven now, and Baroness Tristiana Mikkhal are wed in Irmaa's Reliquary deep under the Ossua Mikkhal family crypt. Tristiana does not appear at the reception where notable guests, barons and baronesses of Balthazor, Steward Dolek, and others from all over the former Silver Moon Empire attend. A Mer Prince deigns to pop in and the Pirate King secretly passes through on his way to retake S'osha.
Meridian 24 Nekrolimani: Dalan Wolfsong takes a message to the Lotus for the Necromancer, Gilran Rillsinger, and is imprisoned in the dungeon of the Ossua Mikkhal.
Meridian 25 Nekrolimani: With the Baroness having run off with her young lover, Baron Kamal Dreven takes Lida Mennth to his bed to secure an heir for his position. He calls an emergency meeting of the Baron's council. Through unknown circumstances the letters inviting Ludwig of Middleland and Wismuller of Shadowplain do not reach their destinations.
Meridian 26 Nekrolimani: Dalan Wolfsong, left to linger in the Baron's dungeon, is interviewed and subsequently stabbed by Kamal.
Meridian 27 Nekroli: Tristi and Dail are attacked by Anton Malcus' men. Dail slaughters them, leaving their remains in the sea.
Fadewarm 1 The Border: Tristi and Dail cross into Thermador..
Fadewarm 15 Malcoven: Two ten-days later, the meeting is disrupted by a visit from Irmaa Vep who, disgusted with the Barons tries to suffocate them all, nearly killing Sven Tradsill. She feeds from Lida Mennth, charges Kamal to 'be a man,' to protect Balthazor and makes him Captain of the Malcoven Guard.
Fadewarm 28 Malcoven: Secret word arrives that Kamal's wife has eluded him but was seen in Fartrade. He sends continued pursuit.
Soothcool 14 Malcoven: Decisions at the next Baron's meeting include: Kamal's claim to the Dreven name is recognized if not necessarily approved or believed. Ambassadors are chosen to Arboria, S'osha, Dreven (not Shadokhan as a whole). Soledaad Rourke is made General of the Army. Ilda Mennth is given Baroness status for two Baronies via Right of Slaughter. Upland as a Barony is disbanded, its lands distributed to Requiem, Nearcoven and Nekroli.
Soothcool 14 Nekroli: Servant Qale Arnor flees with Dalan Wolfsong from the Ossua Mikkhal.
Moonshare 1 Middleland: Word reaches Basil Ludwig that he and Ferin Wismuller of Shadowplain were not informed of the Baron's meetings in Meridian and Fadwarm. He is not pleased.
Goldfall (mid) Under the instructions of Kili Bashar, Deathsong Port in Requeim is blockaded by the wrecks of ships.
Chillset 1 Kamal Dreven and a contingent of the Malcoven Guard visit Requiem to tour the Deathsong Port. He re-approves Malcus' fleet, gifts Malcus with further funding and conscripts from defunct Upland.
Chillset 10 Tristiana and Dail Mennth abducted from The Splash in Xieng Khouang by Ethan Swann.
Bitewind 1 Cait McGill appointed Ambassador to S'osha. Passeador diNoche replaces Baroness Rourke as Ambassador to Shadokhan.
Fadefrost 18 Lida Mennth bears Kamal Dreven a son, Elazar Milan Dreven.
Sunshare Deathsong Port finally reopens
Meridian 24 Kamal Dreven assumes the barony of Nekroli.
Soothcool 10 Ricoh Gideonn is made Captain of the Malcoven Guard.
Moonshare On behalf of Balthazor, Baron Anton Malcus initiates trade discussions with Steward Raf Dolek. Dolek requests an embassy in Balthazor.
Goldfall 23 Ricoh Gideonn resigns as Captain of the Malcoven Guard to become Weapons Master for Steward dan Rikash in Shadokhan.
Goldfall 28 Shadokhan: Steward dan Rikash is kidnapped. Circumstantial evidence points to Balthazor. Ambassador Ilda Mennth is placed under house arrest.
Chillset Adil Mennth appointed Captain of the Malcoven Guard.
Chillset 7 Across the Empire: A sudden surge of magical energy, origins unknown, erupts from the Northern Portal in the Crosswinds Tavern, leaving damage and chaos in its wake across the entire continent. The portal is closed to all off-world traffic.
Bitewind Regent Dreven orders the cataclysmic dead gathered and burned.
Bitewind The looted and animal-ravaged body of a messenger from Malcoven is found on the Cracked Pass north of Dreven. The Army's Investigative Corps, in conjunction with the Silver Moon Knights and appointed Malcoven Guardsmen, look into the death.
Fadefrost The Regent continues to send aid to baronies in need as word reaches him in Malcoven.
Fadefrost The quarterly meeting of the Council of Barons is not held.  There is no word from Malcoven if the council will continue to meet at all.
Fadefrost Padrical: The Black Branch continues supplying food to the hungry throughout its own barony and those of Middleland and Shadowplain. One-third of the Black Branch under the command of Captain Rhys Mallet is now male.
Fadefrost Kamal meets with Cole Voss in the Crosswinds. He does not grant Cole title for Stonetimber but agrees not to interfere.
Fadefrost 6 Shadokhan: Baroness Sturrbith, Ambassador to Shadokhan Ilda Mennth, is released from house arrest at Taysąyad.
Gentrain 27 Aidin Craxmullen, Lord Mayor of Etrauch City, is assassinated. No attempt is made to cover up the murder. In fact, it is clear that agents of Cole Voss committed the crime. The five arrows in his chest and through his chair form a perfect "V."
Meridian 9 Kamal Dreven attacked along with his Guard Captain Adil Mennth and his loyal Aeromancer, Kynn Rolarnn. The Aeromancer was severely injured and the Regent was carried away from the scene of the attack, reportedly looking very pale and drawn.
Meridian 28 Shadowplain suffers a major earthquake which resulted in the collapse of lands, leaving a fissure spanning the Shadowplain and Middleland baronies. Thousands die.
Meridian 29 The Regent sends army troops to maintain order and keep citizens away from the fissure edge with ironwood fences. Survivors are relocated to other baronies with the help of wealthy houses in Nekroli, Malcoven and Padrical.
Fadewarm In the wake of an earthquake, Baron Middleland, Basil Ludwig, goes missing and is presumed dead. Baroness Shadowplain is missing as well.
Moonshare Ambassador to Thermador, Bran Mac Eonin, leaves Wadi Medani with Versaisna Tandiri, Archmagess of Pyromancy.
Chillset Tristiana is officially back in power with Baron Dail Mennth by her side. She deposes Viceroy Stof Tumioja but rather than kill him, the Viceroy is granted a position in her employ.
Bitewind Adil Mennth is sent to the Mac Eonin estate to ascertain Ambassador Bran's loyalty.
Fadefrost Regent Dreven announces the disbanding of the council of Barons and orders the trader ship Mor'Bran captained by Kay Mac Eonin, to cease all trade and return to Deathsong Port.
Blossumbud Merchants and farmers alike grumble against the restrictions, the strange behavior of the Regent, and the need for military protection all along the Abysmal Chasm.
Gentrain Thermador sends an envoy to Balthazor that the kidnapped Archmagess must be returned. Balthazor very vocally denies all culpability in the matter, insisting that Ambassador Mac Eonin has been in regular contact and all is well.

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