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This information is for players; please use discretion about what your character would know.
Some major events on the mainland are shown in blue to show perspective, and they may also have
affected the inhabitants of Southern Oceanuus.

Bitewind 15 Shadokhan: Icaruss Ap-ol Ithgath is born (Winter Solstice - 1/15)
Earthfreeze Shadokhan: Icaran Wars begin. First sighting of a Icaran War Golem.
Soothcool 30 Shadokhan: The battle of Dawn's Early Light, where Icaruss and his forces are destroyed upon the plains south of Dreven. (9/27).
Goldfall 14 Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven is crowned as Emperor of the Silver Moon Empire (11/10).
Fadefrost 9: Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven I dies at age 77 (2/10).
Blossombud 16 Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven II takes the throne of the Silver Moon Empire.
Fadefrost 21 Shadokhan: Cornelius Dreven II dies.
Blossombud 2 Shadokhan: Harnum Silabrea Grey (at the ripe old age of 80) takes over as regent until Tumian comes of age on his 16th birthday.
Meridian 15 Shadokhan: Tumian Dreven comes of age and takes the throne of the Silver Moon Empire (7/14/95).
Gentrain 13 Assassination of Hydromantic Arch-Magess Golaria Seamere in Xieng Khouang (4/13/98).
Gentrain 29 Ban of Soniarium in Oceanuus (2/29/98).
Meridian 1 Elorac Seamere's coronation, taking her mother's place as Hydromantic Arch-Magess and ruler of Oceanuus (6/30/98).
1257(this year marks the beginning of online gaming)
Fadewarm 20 Hydromantic Arch-Magess Elorac Seamere falls to fever and recovers five days later - replaced by a Corodre, a doppelganger agent of the Belladonna Sodality(8/18/99)
Moonshare 29 Arch-Magess Elorac Seamere infected with a mind parasite by agents of Belladonna Sodality (10/26/99).
Goldfall 5 Doppleganger Elorac arrested for the murder of Golaria Seamere (11/2/99).
Goldfall Shadokhan: Tumian sequesters himself, nation undergoes recession as rumors abound concerning his state of health after defeating Gane Torask in battle (11/99).
Chillset 11 The Corodre disguised as Elorac is killed by Belladonna agent (12/7/99).
Chillset 15 The true Elorac, infected with mind parasite, is returned to Oceanuus (12/11/99).
Bitewind 13 Lord Oscra Beth disappears (1/13/00).
Sunshare 17 Across the Empire: Empire-wide Soniarium Ban announced officially in Dreven (5/17/00).
Sunshare 24 Across the Empire: Outlander Edict announced officially in Dreven; practice of Outlander magic outlawed everywhere except the Crosswinds Tavern (5/24/00).
Meridian 30 A disease called "Red Tide" kills 500 mermen within 50 miles radius on the empire's northern shores as the first
Fadewarm 1 Elorac, recently recovered from her battle with Belladonna parasite, initiates quarantine and recovery efforts of Oceanuus (7/30/00).
Earthfreeze 5 Shadokhan: Icaruss reassembles the Shahir Ad-Zoth, regaining his own body; he discards Tumian's body, then showers Dreven with Fire Rain. (12/31/00).
Bitewind 30 Shadokhan: Tumian revived (1/30/01).
Warmgrow Shadokhan: Tumian's tour to the Arch-Mages. (6/01)
Fadewarm 3 Trouble in Northern Oceanuus spurs General Kraang to dispatch Manta forces to quell it.
Fadewarm 30 A strange disease has appeared in Oceanuus, unbeknownst by most to actually be effects of too much Glitter Glee. In later stages of the disease, victims bleed out the eyes.
Soothcool 22 Archmage Elorac Seamere retires from her position, leaving the guidance of Oceanuus to the Council of Six while she leaves for Northern Oceanuus as an Ambassador.
Goldfall 17 The Hydromantic Council of Six is attacked, with most of the Councillors assassinated. General Kraang of the Manta appoints himself Dictator and closes Southern Oceanuus's borders. Elorac Seamere goes missing.
Soothcool 1 Elorac reappears on Xieng Khouang. Backed by an army of rebels and support from Northern Oceanuus, she retakes the throne from Kraang.
Soothcool 4 Across the Empire: A rare double eclipse occurs, blanketing the Silver Moon Empire in darkness. The portals across the Empire begin acting strangely as they become unreliable and begin sending people to the wrong locations.(09/01/03).
Moonshare 29 Shadokhan: The Crosswinds Tavern vanishes amidst rumors and speculation ranging from Icaruss destroying it to the Hive sucking it underground.
Goldfall 16 Luminii: A massive tidal wave slams into the southern shore of Luminii destroying the towns and killing people up to twenty miles inland. The destruction leads to another famine. A strange disease surges up, similar to the Green Flu and Twelfth Plague in that the Vivomancers are unable to affect it.
Goldfall 20 Elorac Seamere orders her fleet to return to home port, to the confusion of her people. An evacuation order is sent out.
Goldfall 28 A massive tidal wave -- the second in recent LT history -- surges through Southern Oceanuus, destroying the capital city of Xieng Khoung and most of the surrounding communities. The Shallowreef Isles are the only lands in Oceanuus unaffected, a blessing of their geography. Tens of thousands of people are killed and the region is thrown into complete chaos. Refugees are scattered to the four winds. Rumors fly that the Archmagess and her newly formed inner circle are all killed. Hundreds of seacraft are destroyed and all commerce and trade from Southern Oceanuus comes to a complete halt. Nearly all of the strength of the Crystal Fleet is smashed to ribbons in the harbors and along the coasts -- or lost at sea.
Chillset In the terrible calm that descends on the islands, 'Dead Gangs' are assembled to help bury bodies. With so much damage, it is not an easy task. They try taking bodies out to sea and weighing them down, but the bloated and gangrened corpses keep floating back to shore. There is no escaping the stench of rotting flesh, extending nearly 50 miles out to sea.
Bitewind Many ships return to the devastated Oceanuus, most limping, damaged and dying. They strive to put in to the shreds of remaining ports, or barring that, to anchor in the shelter of the islands' natural harbors. They need repairs, supplies, reassurance. Vicious, bloody battles ensue as sailors, merchants and pirates alike compete for the limited resources available; seized or abandoned ships are cannibalized for parts. Survivors are pressed into crews. More and more often, one sees the crimson banner of the pirates waving from atop the mainmast.
Blossombud The remains of the Crystal Fleet clash with Pirates over the remains of the island nation. Half a dozen of the buccaneers began making names for themselves, notably one Aikiliano Bashar, who molds the Pirates into a formidable body.
Gentrain For three weeks before the Xieng Khouang eruption occurred, the island people heard rumbling noises that resembled thunder, yet they were confused because the skies were clear of clouds. Finally, a mound of earth near the top of the islands singular, towering Mount Mana'o swelled upward and cracked, forming a substantial fissure. Hissing sounds and the rise of "smoke" smelling of rotten eggs preceded the initial explosion. The sky above Mana'o was lit by short-lived, explosive outbursts of pasty lava ejected a perhaps a hundred meters into the air. A single lava flow emerged from the northern side of the mountain, and within half an hour already reached the sea. The booming explosions generated a 40-m-high scoria cone. In one week it grew to a height of 100 m from the accumulation of bombs and lapilli, and it was raining down finer fragments that burned and eventually covered the top of the mountain. It continues to erupt irregularly, producing an episodic lightshow that is both beautiful and frightening in its intensity.
Fadefrost The Pirate Nation's crimson flag of stars and sword is first seen flying from Xieng Khouang. United, the Pirates focus their attacks on southwest Shadokhan. Towns and villages are burned and looted, some several times over. Temporary Raid Camps are established in Shadokhan and some parts of southern Arboria to be nearer the looting grounds. With the destruction of the renowned Crystal Fleet, there is little to be done to stop them.
Warmgrow With the financial support of Emperor Tumian, remnants of the Crystal Fleet begin to band together to challenge the Pirate Nations.
Gentrain Tumian Dreven buys off a fleet of pirates raiding along the Elbonian Sea with three and a half tons of silver, and the pirates learn that extorting protection money is easier and more regular than looting. Arboria closing its borders may have prevented trade by caravan, however, raids by sea escalate. The greatest factor preventing the elves from succumbing to the economic stranglehold of the pirates is the geographic blockade imposed by the Talpeasea Mountains along the western Arborian coastal line.
Blossombud 18 Balthazor: Emperor Tumian Dreven and the Silver Moon Knight army reach central Balthazor and are met by the Klockwork Master and his Klockwork Army. Tumian Dreven I is killed by The Klockwork Master and the Knights are routed. Thousands are killed. The Klockwork Master declares himself Emperor in Tumian's stead while still in Balthazor.
Blossombud Arboria: The Elven Nation secedes from the Klockwork Master's Empire.
Blossombud Cloosidian: Against Klackatonakin's council, Cloosidian secedes from the Klockwork Master's Empire.
Sunshare 19 Shadokhan: The Klockwork Master and his army enter Shadokhan and Dreven City. The citizenry is given the choice of pledging allegiance to the Klockwork Master or banishment from the surrounding lands. Military members such as the Silver Moon Knights are offered allegiance or death. To the surprise of the people, their lives are largely unchanged by the Dreven Empire's usurpation.
Sunshare With the death of the Emperor, the Crystal Fleet loses their backing. Many ships' captains become land-bound loyalists. Self-proclaimed warlords establish themselves on both the main coast and a few of the outlying islands, protecting an area and battling the pirates. Coinciding with this is a resurgence in Pirate raids on the coasts of Shadokhan and Luminii.
Moonshare 29 Across the Empire: A shudder runs through the ley lines, and across the entire continent portals begin to function once again. People that had been thought dead for ten years suddenly reappear to a world different from the one they knew. The Crosswinds Tavern, too, once again materializes. (10/26/03).
Goldfall Travel to and from Southern Oceanuus through the suddenly functional portal is restricted. A stiff tariff is placed on exports to the mainland. (11/15/03).
Bitewind Word spreads that Xieng Khouang's School of Hydromancy has been rebuilt - and has been functioning for the past three years. It is run by hydromancers loyal to the Pirate Nation.
Fadefrost Shadokhan: Attacks on Klockwork soldiers and warehouses in Dreven City increase as separate rebel factions begin to come together.
Blossombud Admiral Eadric Oswyn recruits heavily to fill the ranks of the new Crystal Fleet. It is rumored that King Cyyroidius of Northern Oceanuus is dead and his queen, Gervoia, has disappeared and/or gone into seclusion, but no facts support the tale. (03/23/05).
Goldfall 3 Non-Klock ships sporting Klock uniforms and colors begin a series of raids against the Pirates. In revenge, the Pirates level several villages and, in an unprecedented show of unity, turn their attentions on Klock camps scattered along Luminii's coastline.
Bitewind Luminii: The rebellion continues to flourish, driving the Klockwork armies out towards the borders. Sizeable forces remain to the north and south of the region. Rule remains fragmented. Pirate activity along the coastline is increasing. Kili Bashar and his fleet have engaged Captain Walsh and his forces along the coastline in a steadily escalating battle.
Blossombud Luminii: Though scattered forces of Silver Moon Knights have aided in the rebellion, there are increasing reports from Klockwork Forces of engagements with the Knights. According to the reports, the Knights appear to be on the move. The Silver Moon Knights approach Keldon Baraeros, asking him to help broker a deal with the Pirate King, Kili Bashar, for transport by ship.
Blossombud The Pirates continue to harass the entire southern coast. They draw Capt. Salomae of Shadokhan into attacking a fleet of ships piloted by prisoners of war.
Blossombud 19 Archmagess Elorac Seamere returns to Xieng Khouang to enlist the help of the Pirates in fighting the Klockwork Army.
Gentrain Luminii: Captain Walsh and his forces are destroyed in an attack by Kili Bashar. Soldiers fleeing north meet with Keldon Baraeros and the Protectors. While some Silver Moon Knights remain in the region, most depart on Bashar's ships.
Gentrain Fulfilling their bargain to with Keldon Baraeros to transport Knights into Shadokhan, the Pirates continue to wreak as much damage as possible to Klock-held ports and towns.
Gentrain Shadokhan: Aided by none other than Archmagess Elorac Seamere, the Pirates ravage the coastline unhindered. Reports of rebel activities throughout the region decline.
Warmgrow Across the Empire: The portals begin to act strangely, affecting those using them, and any mancers in the area.
Warmgrow 2 Archmagess Elorac Seamere is assassinated during the Pirate attack on Shadokhan's Port Ethralest.
Warmgrow 9 Admiral Oswyn and the gathered Crystal Fleet sail into Xieng Khouang. The remains of the Pirate Fleet, returning from action along the Shadokhan coast, trap them in the harbor and a massive battle ensues. The tide turns in favor of the Pirates, only to have the waiting Mer sweep in. The Mer and their scattered Half-lo allies are victorious. Refugees fleeing to the mainland tell wildly varying tales of the event, many bordering sheer fantasy. (06/09/06)
Meridian 18 Shadokhan: Edict from the Dreven Magistrate announces the Klockmaster's death and the fact that Kronomancers are mixed mages wanted for arrest.
Fadewarm 6 Kili Bashar is tried by the Mer. A brief recovery time is 'purchased.' Sick, wounded and half out of his mind, he is put in a boat and consigned to the whim of the waves.
Fadewarm 11 Kili is picked up by a passing ship and delivered to a refugee camp 50 miles east of Ethralest.
Chillset In the absence of the Pirate Navy, trade with the mainland continues sporadically and without official sanctions. A new Archmage leads the sphere of Hydromancy, though who it is and how it came about is unknown. Rumors still circulate of Elorac Seamere's death. Contrarily, alleged sightings of the young Archmagess continue to surface. Native S'oshans move to take refuge on Shadokhan's coast.
Moonshare 17 Kili is found by the twins, Chuuji and Maro.
Chillset Unknown Half-lo Miri Bayani becomes Archmagess of Hydromancy. Native S'oshans take refuge from Mer persecution in Shadokhan.
Fadefrost 30 Ambassador to Shadokhan Keoni Taranga, and Ambassador to Luminii Melva Haliki are dispatched to open trade negotiations. (03/01/07)
Blossombud Redesign and reconstruction of Aloryn Thar, The Coral Palace, begins.
Blossombud 23 An envoy, Tieryan Call, sent from Dreven at the behest of Baron Streylan and the Archmages, meets with new archmagess Miri Bayani and promptly kidnaps her.
Blossombud 26 Shadokhan: The Archmages meet at the Northern Portal to repair the damaged magic, confining the poisoned magic to an artifact called the Avon Mered. Irmaa Vep, long thought dead, is a surprise attendee. (03/27/07)
Gentrain Slave trade is becoming somewhat vogue in the islands. Those of obvious non-S'oshan origins are targeted.
Warmgrow A strange disease called merrot (Mer Rot) sweeps through the slave population.
Goldfall New agreements between King Cyyroidius and Archmage Tequin provide shipbuilding aid to the Elves and Mer patrols to discourage Balthazorians wandering into Arborian waters.
Chillset Arboria: A'ile'ran (Wind song), the first new ship in the Arborian fleet, is completed. Captaincy is given to Tihr A'Lahn. The Elves now have ships capable of sailing not only in coastal waters, but also able to venture into deep seas.
Chillset Rumors that the Pirate Nation is not yet dead accompany a rise in goods smuggled to and from the southern islands.
Fadefrost Shadokhan: Allegedly dead Pirate King Kili Bashar is rumored to have attended the Stoneheart Ball. Immediately, word circulates of his travels throughout the rest of the Empire as he courts the Powers That Be, raising funds for a new navy to end Mer rule and slaving practices.
Blossombud Unusually heavy rainfall causes flooding, mudslides, loss of lives. It is expected that exports will be grossly affected during the coming summer.
Gentrain Balthazor: Baron Anton Malcus building deep-water naval port and trade base in barony of Requiem - with or without political authorization.
Sunshare Shadokhan: What began as a few random and violent attacks between the Islands and the Shadokhan coast have erupted into a blood feud with the Half-los and native islanders on one side and the Mer on the other -- and Shadokhan's coast as their battlefield. Responsible parties remain unidentified.
Meridian Kili Bashar is blackmailed into providing ships to protect Arboria from Balthazor.
Meridian 29 The S'oshan Festival is interrupted by the kidnapping of the Mer princes and a coup staged by Kili Bashar.
Fadewarm 5 In the wake of Bashar's coup in Southern Oceanuus, ambassador from Oceanuus Melval Haliki leaves Damansque, Luminii to return to the islands.
Fadewarm 7 Kili Bashar forges a new alliance with separatist Mer group, the Irjelaani.
Fadewarm 9 Ashoken d'Allessair is appointed General of the S'oshan military forces.
Moonshare 8 Baron Peka Ohime attempts to blackmail Kili Bashar with the king's infant daughter. In an attempt to kill Bashar's child rather than let him get his hands on her, Peka is slain. Eight days later, Ohime's daughter (the child's mother) is tried for treason and executed.
Moonshare 27 Ambassador to Dreven, Keoni Taranga, is reported missing from Dreven under suspicious circumstances.
Moonshare 30 Fire sweeps through the Nest, set deliberately as a distraction in the attempted kidnapping of Bashar's daughter. The captured kidnapper is questioned and a plot by the Mer revealed.
Goldfall 7 Leaving a banquet, Kili Bashar is shot in the chest by an assassin with a crossbow. The quarrel is poisoned, and it takes Herculean effort by vivos to save him. The assassin is caught.
Goldfall 14 On a trip to Dreven, Advisor Kendra Rulyar practically invites Kili Bashar to invade Taysàyad.
Goldfall 17 General d'Allessair tours new fortifications on the island of Xieng Khouang.
Goldfall (mid) Under the instructions of Kili Bashar, Deathsong Port in Requeim is blockaded by the wrecks of ships.
Chillset 6 Aggressions against S'oshans have slowed but do not cease. Kili launches plans to retake the Seven Sisters where Mer supporters have taken refuge.
Chillset 21 General d'Allessair and the army sails for the Seven Sisters.
Earthfreeze 1 Kili Bashar joins General d'Allessair at the Seven Sisters.
Bitewind 1-9 The islands of Hoaku and Ife surrender with relatively little trouble. In Pa'ahana, both the king and the general are wounded when they meet stiff opposition. The general marches overland while Kili reluctantly sails around to the island's northeast side, catching the rebels between hammer and anvil. It takes days to secure the island and then the general is poisoned by food intended for the king.
Bitewind 10 A good part of the rebel force meets the S'oshans at sea, where there is a fierce battle. Kili's ship founders and he is saved from drowning by one of the Irjelaani Mer. General d'Allessair's smaller group clears the way on the shore for the fleet to land.
Bitewind 12 The leader of the rebels is executed. Barons loyal to Bashar are appointed to govern the islands of the Seven Sisters.
Bitewind 17 During the remodeling of the Maze a worker uncovers the journal of Kili's grandmother Heani Bashar, bringing to light the information that his birth mother was Half-lo.
Bitewind 21 In the Crosswinds Tavern in Dreven Shadokhan -- quite publicly -- Advisor Kendra Rulyar repeats her invitation to Kili Bashar to take over Taysáyad -- and the rest of the region.
Bitewind 26 Unsanctioned notices are posted throughout Xieng Khouang and distributed abroad, announcing the existence of secret documents in which Aikiliano Bashar is revealed as the bastard son of late business mogul Me'hai Bashar and a Half-lo girl. The notice includes quotes of pertinent passages from the journal of Heani Bashar.
Bitewind 28 Tristiana and Dail Mennth come to Kili in Xieng Khouang seeking political asylum.
Bitewind 30 At a meeting of the S'oshan Barons Kili's ancestry is discussed and approved. He announces his intent to marry Ashoken. She is pregnant. Baron Hiali of Yu'zi is banished from the council.
Fadefrost Advisor Bliss Lovejoy Gideonn moves her entire family to Xieng Khouang where she leads a group of geomancers dealing with the unpredictable volcano.
Fadefrost 20 Kili recalls the ships patrolling the coast of Balthazor for the Elves.
Fadefrost 22 The wedding of Aikiliano Bashar and Ashoken d'Allessair.
Blossombud 04 Letter from Baron Streylan of Shadokhan requesting consideration of an exchange of 'representatives.'
Gentrain 17 Kili and Niko Allessair go to Cloosidian, meet with businessmen in Wanasonda, then go to see trade partners Nchirir and Rathai, who have cheated Kili and then try to kill him. Niko saves the day. AM Zorrel Sparfilt asks for help protecting Jarz LaFrenz.
Sunshare Dialogue between Shadokhan and Xieng Khouang breaks down as Steward Dolek takes over correspondence. Meanwhile, trade with Balthazor, Cloosidian, and Thermador continues to prosper and grow. Arrangements are made for the exchange of ambassadors with the two latter countries.
Sunshare 13 The royals move into the new residence, a fairly modest stone structure called "Crimson House."
Gentrain 20 Jarz La Frenz takes refuge in Xieng Khouang under the guise of an ambassador.
Fadewarm 1 A son, Siaki Man'e'iani, is born to Aikiliano and Ashoken Bashar.
Soothcool A new Merisite vein some 100 miles south-southeast of the island of Ruka is uncovered by the Irjelaani Mer. The mined merisite from this particular vein is sold exclusively to Aikiliano Bashar himself rather than the S'oshan government.
Chillset 7 Across the Empire: A sudden surge of magical energy, origins unknown, erupts from the Northern Portal in the Crosswinds Tavern, leaving damage and chaos in its wake across the entire continent. The portal is closed to all off-world traffic.
Chillset 10 Tristiana and Dail Mennth abducted from The Splash in Xieng Khouang by Ethan Swann.
Chillset 28 Steward dan Rikash and Wardens arrive by ship in a cove on the big island. Irjelanni bring news, which is followed shortly by a messenger from the steward. Bashar's invitation to the city is politely declined.
Bitewind 10-14 Steward dan Rikash is a guest of Kili Bashar at Crimson House.
Fadefrost Discussions between the S'oshans and the NoMer continue, but Bashar refuses to give up the Devvol hostages.
Gentrain Overtures by Union of Mercantile are firmly - and in some cases violently - rebuffed.
Sunshare Shadokhan: Geomancers work to build protective walls around the territory of Villisport. Emissaries from Dreven City are received and then politely sent on their way.
Fadewarm 19 Nikolas Allessair, missing since the Cataclysm of 1277, returns to Xieng Khouang.
Soothcool 03 Shadokhan: Kiethry yen Sherakai attacks King Kili Bashar and Counselor Nikolas Allessair in the Crosswinds and is subsequently incarcerated and heavily fined. Fragile relations with S'osha decline.
Sunshare 22 A small earthquake wreaks havoc with Xieng Khouang City's harbor, incurring some deaths.
Goldfall Shadokhan: Port Ethralest appoints the first ever Half-lo mayor on the mainland, Tahi Nonamu.
Fadefrost Native population struck by Lahina'ake Duna (Wasting Fever). Hundreds die. Contagious, the disease spreads to port cities on the mainland. Queen Ashoken combats the disease with quarantines and fire.
Fadefrost 11 A son, Mekali Kihana, is born to Aikiliano and Ashoken Bashar.
Blossumbud 25 Queen Ashoken frees the Devvol twins, Tahvanainen and Ulanen.
Blossumbud 26 Queen Ashoken puts the ailing king aboard the Glorakela'ilani, which was built and named in honor of his ship sunk by the Mer in 1274 and, with a select few companions, sails away.


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