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The Quinames are a race of giants who inhabit a large island to the east of the Carthaga Salt Flats. In their capital city, Tecpatl, their large stepped buildings can be seen. Considered the most civilized of the Badlands races and inarguably the largest, they have a disdain toward all others that inhabit them. This bigotry is seen in all of their dealings with the 'lesser races.

Physical Build:

The Quinames are a race of giants. The females of the race most often grow to 10 feet tall with the males towering at an average of 12 feet tall. Generally, the quinames have broad-chested and usually slim builds, heavier in males, covered with skin ranging in various shades of copper and brown. Their extended necks are composed of corded muscle to accommodate the adornments of their heads. Ridged horns are set back against their heads, curving smoothly back in females to follow the shape of their skulls but curving down in males, splitting into two as they come to the lobes of pointed, articulating ears capable of full movement. One point curves forward beneath the ear and the other curves gently down, although there exists as much variation in their proportion as there is variation in the race. The eyes of the Quinames are sharply angled upon their faces, little more than slits, and their irises lack any hue, ranging in shades from black to gray.

Within the tribe are seven castes:

The Royal family descended from the Precious Moon. Children of the Moon - Tlazopilli

The Priest family, keepers of the spells and history. Children of the Speakers - Tlatoque

The Warrior family, guardians of the highlands, Children of the Owl - Techutin

The Merchant family, providers of wares, Children of the Wind - Pochteca

The Artisan family, carvers of stone, Children of the Granite - Quenza

The Servant family, gatherers of fruit, Children of the Right Hand - Tlalmaitl

The Sacrificial family, replenishers of spirit, Children of the Sands - Tlacotli