Dreven Businesses


Note: The following is a list of businesses in and around Dreven City, and it is provided in order to help players and writers promote a sense of continuity within the setting. It is not complete, and it is not meant to be restrictive in any way.

Some of the establishments listed here have been created just to lend atmosphere or detail to stories or the forum as a whole. They are run by NPCs and you are free to use them for detail in your stories or role-play. However, some businesses listed here are owned or managed by active characters in the forum, meaning that if your character were to patronize the business, he or she would likely have some interaction with the character who owns the place or runs it or otherwise works there. For those situations, a contact name and email address is provided so that you can get in touch with the player to work out any details of your character's visit there.

If you have businesses to add or modify, please note your friendly neighborhood Webmaster.


Addler's Woodwright Shop

(Mik Gideonn)

Fine Cabinetry, Joinery and Luthier's - not far from Trimble's on Market Square. Wardrobes, dressers, storage chests, benches, beds, cradles, book cases, trim, doorways, staircases, moulding and floors including parquetry. Now featuring specialty woods from Southern Oceanuus! Available by order: Drums of all sizes and Regions, Stringed instruments (harps, mandolins, guitars, etc.) and Woodwinds. Come see our fine display.

Alan Staunton, Owner; Mikkaill Gideonn, Founder

NOTE: Contact Mikkaill

Angelique's Fine Clothing

(13 Sep 2005/Dreven Gazette)
Located on Wilder Avenue. Current fashions and unique designs for men and women featuring fabrics of the highest quality.

NOTE: Contact Angelique Matteo

Apothecary, Asanilaer Glitterbuck's

(25 Feb 2010/Dreven Gazette)
...just east of Market Square in Whitestone Court

The Apple Tree

(01 Nov 2007/Dreven Gazette)
...a new bakery called The Apple Tree. Proprietor Akia Devlin offers a large selection of cakes, pies, fritters and even meatpies. Many things are cooked fresh to order and she offers her skills of baking and cooking to the less skilled amongst us. Special orders are always welcome. The shop is attached to the Gettin' Place, another successful local favorite, and opens one candlemark after sunup for breakfast and closes one candlemark after sundown. Miss Akia Devlin will take special orders through the morning to be delivered in the evening hours.

Arborian Leaves

(11 Feb 2008/Dreven Gazette)
...specializing in all things Arborian. Special tabac blends, hard to get wines and spirits, along with Arborian textiles and other goods. Owners: Arnaud and Anania de Beau. Celina Marchand - Proprietess.

NOTE: Contact Anania dela Mare

Archaic Interests

(10 May 2003/Dreven Gazette)
15 Suncrest Lane. Arborian relics, we have them. Balthazorian coffins. We've a bit of everything from every point in history. Miss Crystal Darkin, proprietress.

Bank, South Star

(1 Sep 2009/Dreven Gazette)
... Duram Lane

The Barking Dog

tankard(Multi RPs/2005/Havoc Sadani & Pol L Athan)
Dive in the River District; Charley, the owner/barkeep. Terrible ale. Worse bard.

Barnbuckle Bakery

(11 Mar 2005/Dreven Gazette)
Located on Cobblestone Lane next to The Straight and Narrow weapons shop.

  • Angus Faramore (09 May 2008/Dreven Gazette)
  • Garland Fishman, of Fishman and Fishman (Sept 2008/Dreven Gazette)
  • Mr. Loren Pelcher, Solicitor, in Remington Street. (Jun 2006/Dreven Gazette)
Bathhouse, Tersham Street

(25 Feb 2010/Dreven Gazette)
... Tersham Street.

The Battling Wyvern Inn

tankard(The Brothel - Part 3/07 April 2000/Riondhgh/Shadokhan Archives)

The Beard Fairy

(17 Mar 2006/Dreven Gazette)
We carry all the newest Dwarf fashions to spice up that boring beard of yours. Glass beads are available in 30 different colors and 4 different sizes. Don't forget the ribbons! They add flare to any dull-colored facial hair.

Black Cat Shipping and Loan

(Mordred Anubis Dec 02, 2006)
If you need something shipped, or perhaps need a loan to buy that horse or cow for the farm or family, stop on by and we'll work out a deal.

NOTE: Contact Mordred Anubis

Black Dove Tavern

tankard(Rebel Rising/15 Nov 2006/Kendra Rulyar)
Smoky, low-class establishment the River District. Cheap ale, cheap food, and cheap company. A place for thugs, thieves, and brawlers. The Guard breaks up fights in front of this place at least once a night; nobody bothers to do so inside. The owner had his own on watch. If somebody tried to steal a drink or dip their hand into the owners earnings, their nose would be busted in, anything else they would look the other way.

Black Wolf Company

(Brom Stoneheart) Mercenary company.

NOTE: Contact Kendra Rulyar

Blackman Haberdashery

(Klockwork Tales/12 Aug 2004/Taggert Minick)

Blue Drake Inn

tankard(CWT Room/31Aug 2006/Marc A Riley)
... outskirts of Dreven

Boar's Head Inn

tankard(CWT Room/Summer 2006/Kendra&Amorina )
Near the edge of the city. It's one of the last buildings before you leave the city if you were headed to the Crosswinds.

Boheme's Candles and Sensual Scents

(13 Sep 2006/Dreven Gazette)
Herbal teas, candles, misc wares. Chaunter Street, Dreven

NOTE: Contact Archmage Tequin


(CWT Room/01Aug 2006/Dominic Mazus)
... a great big library that people can paruse, but mostly people ask Mr. Pemlinco to find a certain tome or book, sometimes scrolls... then he hires somebody to get them. Then I run them out to whoever ordered. It's in his house. He buys rare books from Thermador and off that way and sells them to collecters here.

Bosco's Caravaners

(Dust and Sweat and Blood/28 Feb 2009/Sherakai)
... by the main east gate. Caravan outfitters - wagons, canvases, rope, hitches, pack- and draft-animals, etc.

Calin's Bobbin Place

(17 Dec 2005/Dreven Gazette)
Look no further for your spinning and weaving needs! Chaunter Street.

Cappy Hale's Fine Dining

(17 Mar 2006/Dreven Gazette)
An eating experience for the times: Baked Silvermoon Knight in Mustard Cream Sauce, Tomato Rebel Soup, Twice-Marinated Pendulum Steaks. Be sure to come in and try our world-famous Mage Trifle! (Mixed delicacies available for a price!) Let us host your parties, meetings and other get-togethers! (Catering available throughout the Empire.)

Cara's Tailoring

(09 Mar 2002/Dreven Gazette)
Visit our new location just south of Taysayad Keep for all your tailoring needs. Visit our expert Milliner for the latest in Court Fashion. Look for our bright green banner!

Carment Bakery

(17 Dec 2005/Dreven Gazette)

Cartwright's Toy Shop

(27 Feb 2010/DrevenGazette)

A Clean Sweep

(21 Jun 2006/Dreven Gazette)
Professional Chimney cleaning. Courteous, professional service without leaving a mess! 19 years experience.

ConDulios Trust

(16 Mar 2003/Dreven Gazette)
When it comes to your finances, a little bit of planning can go a long way. Whether you're seeking to provide for your children's education, grow your business, or ensure adequate resources for your golden years, ConDulios Trust can help you plan a strategy to reach your goals. Financial Planning Details, Business Planning and Counseling, Estate Planning, Tax Planning.

Corindu Stables

(28 Jan 2000/Dreven Gazette)

Darkwin's Book and Alchemy Emporium

(09 Mar 2005/Dreven Gazette)
Master Darkwin Grondel specializes in the odd, rare or hard to find Book and offers his knowledge of the arts of Alchemy to the public. We carry a great selection of affordable used books which are available for sale or trade. Are you books damaged from too much use or old age? Our Bookbinder can save your precious possessions for a modest fee. Come see our alchemy selection! Eye of newt? Dry tongue of Lark? You'll find it here. Located on Mercer Alley, Dreven right next to the Chandler Bakery.

Doslevi Jewelers

(28 Jan 2003/Dreven Gazette)
Gem-cutting and mounting.

Double Axe Inn

tankard(9 Mar 2002/Dreven Gazette)

Dreven Academy of Trade

(21 Jun 2006/Dreven Gazette)
Bliss Lovejoy, Headmistress.

NOTE: Contact Bliss Lovejoy

Dreven Theater

(28 Jan 2003/Dreven Gazette)
Construction began in 1259. Located near the main gate of Dreven City on the site of the former Flatiron Inn. Three stories plus cellar, octagonally shaped. Designed by Alexander Quinn, renowned writer and actor.

Dury Arms

(13 Sep 2006/Dreven Gazette)
Large selection of swords, daggers, shields, and armor. Hundreds of quality items at unbeatable prices! Beautiful creations suitable for both battle and display. Custom made items on request. Located in Preston Street, Dreven ~ Ross and Joseph Drayton, Master Smiths

NOTE: Contact Pol L Athan

Dwarven Hands Smith Shop!

(Crosswinds Corkboard/Mordred Anubis Dec 02, 2006)
If you're in the need for a good sword, ax, dagger or perhaps a fine piece of armor? Maybe you need a good crossbow for hunting? Stop on by located at the edge of Dreven, you can't miss the medium sized hut! Fixing of horse drawn carriages and wagons also available.

Eagle Courier Services

(Escape From Dreven/Julia LaClerk/8 Aug 2001/Shadokhan 2001 Archives)
(21 Aug 2000/Dreven Gazette)
Six years in business. Manager: Rodric Teriwyn

Emil's Fishery

(27 Oct 2001/Dreven Gazette)
Stonefish, lumpies, whiskerfish and marbletails caught fresh from the river. Located off the ninth dock and Bleaker Street, open ten days a week. Coin and trade only.

Faery Delights Bakery

(27 Feb 2010/DrevenGazette)
Located on Market Street, Faery Delights Bakery offers catering services for any size event. They offer breakfast specials daily and seasonal treats. Managed by Malie Drugan.

NOTE: Contact player of Kirin Fand

Flying Eagle Inn

tankard(Shadows and Smoke/Meave Asselin/27 October 2008/Shadokhan)

A large building with multiple levels (three floors) surrounded by a low wall and with a large well built stable. [...] Adilaeh Baldon the First Maid of the expensive establishment. [...] an eagle backed by three horizontal lines of silver.

Four Winds Tavern

tankard(09 May 2008/Dreven Gazette)
South Dreven

Geena's Bookstore

(28 Jan 2003/Dreven Gazette)
Travail Avenue, Dreven

The Gettin' Place

(5 Aug 2005/Dreven Gazette/Dante Voltan)
We specialize in Wine and Spirits, Art and Books and some Rare Items. We also have a special service to offer for attempting to locate product. See Dante for details. Located on Travor Alley, just north-west of the Market.

NOTE: Contact Dante Voltan

Gerald's Smithy

(28 Jan 2003/Dreven Gazette)
Plough repair, farrier services, custom weapons. Candlebury Street, Dreven

The Gimpy Goose Tavern

tankard(CWT Room/11 Nov 2004/Havoc Sadani)
A ramshackle, stinking inn that sports a sign picturing a lame bird-looking thing by way of a name. Warrick Street. Aemon Smythe, proprietor. (Huge man, will rob you blind if he can get away with it, cares only for the coin lining his own pockets and staying away from problems with the law.)

The Gloating Goat

tankard(Greetings and Salutations/Icaruss Ithgath/20 Jan 2001/Shadokhan 2001 Archives)
(26 Dec 2002/Dreven Gazette)
Cheap tavern in the River District on the corner of Two Trees Street and Cobblestone Avenue. The Gloating Goat was once destroyed (see "Greetings and Salutations" reference), then rebuilt.

Golden Eagle Inn

(11 Mar 2005/Dreven Gazette)
Posh hotel.

Gray Fox Inn

(Complications of the Heart/Cynric Rehm/22 Nov 2001/Shadokhan 2001 Archives)

Great Harvest Bakery

(28 Jan 2003/Dreven Gazette)
The establishment known as Hank's Harvest Bakery was turned over to Julia LaClerk by Hank (former owner) and renamed the Great Harvest Bakery. Julia ran Great Harvest Bakery, but it was left abandoned when she ran from Dreven. She has not been seen or heard from in 12 years, and in that time it was seized by the bank and resold.

The Half Moon Inn

A three-story stone and brick building near Fort Ubolutiin frequented by knights and soldiers alike. The ale there is said to be better than that available in the dining hall and it is a good place to hear all kinds of interesting things...

Harack's Livery

(11 Feb 2009/Dreven Gazette)

Hawk's Keep

(10 May 2003/Dreven Gazette)
Now open to the weary traveler. Located two miles south of the Crosswinds Tavern. Many rooms for rent with all the comforts of home. (No alcohol is served.) Lady Gillian Hawk, Mistress of the Keep.

Highwall Trading Consortium

(11 Mar 2005/Dreven Gazette)
Peregrin Eth Torios ...founded with funds that the Eth Torios family received from the discovery of a water vein on their property in Northern Thermador. [...]The Highwall Trading Consortium still maintains offices in Dreven City, Wadi Medani, and Damansque. It has Satellite offices in Dvarnia's Hold, and Cremen's Peak. Employees remain scattered around the Empire awaiting dispatch orders.

The Inn of  Anolinde

(Delivery/SelinaConDulios/23 May 2003/Shadokhan 2003 Archives)The Inn of Anolinde is small and secluded, comfortable and exclusive. Ivy curled up the stone wall and 'round the mullioned windows, and the warmth of torchlight held concealing shadows tastefully at bay. The decor was subtle and tasteful: warm oak panelling, navy fabrics relieved with gold and burgundy trim, and fresh lilies on every table offering their sweet scent to the mouthwatering odor of fine food. Cleverly worked into the surroundings were exquisitely detailed moons. Anolinde herself watching over the guests...

The Jewels of Lark Street

(Honesty/21 Mar 2000/Riondhgh/Shadokhan Archives)

Kelwin's Home for Children

(13 Sep 2005/Dreven Gazette/Sherakai)
Former brothel, now home to approximately 20 lucky orphans. Vocational tutoring available. Do we have your next apprentice? Sponsored by Lord Eustace Kelwin. Matilda Merrigan, Matron. Baron Sherakai dan Rikash, partner.

Leigh's Dry Goods

(09 May 2008/Dreven Gazette)
Miss Mirabeau Leigh, primary owner.

Loaf 'n' Jug

(21 Jun 2006/Dreven Gazette)
Old-fashioned food served with old-fashioned hospitality. Located on the corner of Mayfair and Main,.

The Lucky Duck

tankard(Turning Pages/15 May 2009/Ami Stoneheart/Shadokhan)

The Lucky Duck was filled with the usual colorful assortment of people, young men of the gentry trying to act the part of a rogue, the true rogues, the merchants, the wenches, and the occasional pick pocket though not as many of those because once caught they weren't dealt with kindly. The place had a reputation to take care of, and it got its reputation from the gaming tables scattered through out. You were sure to double your coin just by walking in the door. Petty thieves loved and loathed the place. It was said once that they'd stripped a thief of his clothing and tied him to a post outside that was meant for horses with a sign hanging about his neck that read "Keep to your own pockets or they will be forcibly removed." The place was also known for the quality of their liquor, it'd never be watered down here. They counted on it for their profits.

Madame Claw's House of Exotic Pleasure

(15 Mar 2006/Dreven Gazette)
Specializing in floggings.

Madame Foo's House of Exotic Pleasure

(21 Aug 2000/Dreven Gazette)

Mallory's Fine Arts

(Jun 2008/PharosAnchor)
Owned and operated by Catherine Mallory, we have paintings and illustrated books for sale. We do commissions as well as portraiture on request. Reasonable rates. Classically trained artist. Makes a great gift!

NOTE: Contact Cate Mallory

Manser and Associates

(The Shapes of Fury/Havoc Sadani/30 Jan 2007/Shadokhan)
Builders, architects, engineers

Mary's House

(21 Jun 2006/Dreven Gazette)

Merchant's Bazaar

(28 Jan 2000/Dreven Gazette)
Exotic merchandise.

Meri's Medicinals

(29 May 2007/CWT/Meridyn Bonvalet)
On Mason Street on the east side (River District).

Mimi's Kitchen

(Oct 2005/Havoc Sadani)
A small, neat establishment; modest and homey, and the aroma of mouthwatering food wafts through the common room. Near to the University, it is a favorite haunt of students that have a little extra coin to spend. Lila = waitress

Mongo the Smith

(11 Feb 2009/Dreven Gazette)
Ironwork, Horseshoeing, and now a Farrier too! Fair prices and free advice on your horse's health. Currently located behind Harack's Livery.

Prince of Pau! Trading, Inc.

(11 Sep 2005/Dreven Gazette)
Southern Oceanuusian-based trading company. Imports and exports.

Quinn's Thespian Troupe

(09 Mar 2002/Dreven Gazette)
Renowned Writer-Actor Alexander Quinn and his Thespian troupe have begun a tour of the Silver Moon Empire, beginning with a cycle-long stint in the Imperial city itself. Performances will start at 30 minutes after dusk, outside the main gates of Dreven.

Red Light Inn

tankard(10 May 2003/Dreven Gazette)
Samsel Gab, Proprietor. River District.

Renald's Roost

tankard(Diary of a Dilettante/01 Feb 2002/Delwin Simmons/2001 Shadokhan Archives
...a quaint (read: small) tavern on Waltham Lane.

Riach and Sons Masonry

(5 Feb 2009/Dreven Gazette)

Rilath's Weapons

(Dust and Sweat and Blood/28 Feb 2009/Sherakai/Shadokhan)

Weapons dealer in the market.

The River Nymph Brothel

(The Brothel/26 Mar 2000/Riondhgh/Shadokhan Archives)
Madam Felicia, Proprietress

Rose House

(A Snooping We Will Go/19 Sep 2006/Bliss Lovejoy)
A small boarding house that had an excellent reputation among travelers of wealth. The simple three story building had become known as the Rose House for its lovely rose filled gardens.

Rosewood Orphanage

(21 Aug 2000/Dreven Gazette)
Proprietress: Nan Collins

The Rude Unicorn

tankard(1 Sep 2009/Dreven Gazette)

Proprietor: Adron Ta'al
The run-down Tavern formerly known as the Hammered Nail finally managed to find a new owner and a new name. The Rude Unicorn is said to open in the next tenday and its new Proprietor is Adron Ta'al of the Black Wolf Company. One should not expect a big change in the décor or food offered in the tavern, since it will most likely cater to the more 'down-to-earth' crowd in Dreven. As for nightly entertainment, it was said one should look towards the soon-to-be-installed fighting ring. Master Ta'al promises us watching staged fights should be just as much fun as listening to a Bard. We wouldn't be caught dead in this tavern.


(Only One Path/12 Sep 2006/Sherakai/Shadokhan)
Spice shop in Becker Street.

Shake It Up!

(30 May 2008/Dreven Gazette)
Local entrepreneur opens juice bar on Watkins Street just south of Market Square. This innovative new "restaurant" offers fresh fruit and vegetable juices with such selections as the strawberry watermelon "Pink Lady," "Tea-Licious," and a specialty featuring a combination of the famed Streylan Mint and honeydew melon. This sweet little concoction goes by the name "Dreven Dew." Stop in today for a free cookie and a cup of energizing, revitalizing juice!

The Sharpened Edge

(30 May 2008/Dreven Gazette)
"The sharpest, sturdiest blades you'll ever prick your finger on! From the finest sword fit for a king, to the lowliest kitchen knife. Find it all right here at The Sharpened Edge! One of the finest out-of-town weapons smiths has moved into your neighborhood! Take advantage of it!" Located on Forsyth Avenue. Ebnal Doh, Owner

NOTE: Contact Tegalad Ai'man

Silken Comfort

(11 Sep 2005/Dreven Gazette)
Purveyor of quality (expensive!) linens. Owned by Harol & Arinia March, brother Jandig. (Harol arrested for sedition.)

The Silver Drake

tankard(Inheritence/07 Jan 2007/Tieryan Call)
... had once been called The River Crab. The dead end Dreven street on which it had been built had undergone some sort of rebirth. "New shops had replaced the old, selling exclusive wares. Soldiers bearing the new Steward's standard patrolled regularly. There were even small tables out on the street where the well-dressed could drink and eat while watching those who were passing by. And the tavern at the very end of the road now bore the noble name of The Silver Drake [...] Though the place was still small, its stonework looked spotless and new. Lanterns hung about the doorway, and the windows were of finely-crafted colored glass.

The Klocks had closed down the River Crab for certain violations. Someone bought it out. Bought out most of this street, in fact, and fixed it up. Now it is a place where the wealthy can come and eat and drink well while still having their little thrill that they are venturing into a once-dangerous neighborhood. The owner is even thinking of naming the place the River Crab again, to lend to the atmosphere."

The Silver Hind

tankard(Reckoning/21May 2001/Sherakai)
"...an ugly building squatting like an angry dog on the outskirts of a pack of snarling, mangey mongrels."

Silver Swan Inn

(Silver and Black/24 Aug 2000/Arya Lannister)
Located in the Shadokhan countryside.

Siren's Tease

tankard(CWT Room/07 Mar 2006/BlissNLvjy)
... frequented mostly by "points" (elves)

Slamhammer Forge

(16 Mar 2003/Dreven Gazette)
Master Weaponsmith Glaive SlamHammer, formerly of Dvarnia's Hold, has set up shop in Dreven City. Daggers, Swords, Axes, Warhammers... you name it!

Sly Fox

tankard(Cut and Run/17 Mar 2005 /Kendra Rulyar)
...a run-down tavern called the Sly Fox, known for its cheap drink, easy women and frequent brawls.

Smelly Rat Tavern

tankard(09 Mar 2002/Dreven Gazette)
Daily drink specials. Also for your enjoyment, dancer [Karayan Dianthe] will be performing her enticing shimmies every evening all week long! Located at the corner of Gravel Road and Cornerstone Avenue.

Soaring Hawk Tavern

tankard(To Make or Break/15 Sept 2006/Captain Raphael Dolek)
Owned and operated by Jarro Hawk. His tavern is now under development for some major improvements.

The Straight and Narrow

(11 Mar 2005/Dreven Gazette)
Crossbows and Ballistas. If you need a little extra security on the top of your castle or keep, come see Gloisur RedForge. Over a hundred years of experience making crossbows and ballistas. Located on Cobblestone Lane next to Barnbuckle Bakery.

Sumi's Wash House

(1 Sep 2009/Dreven Gazette)
... Balin Street

The Swaggering Swan Inn

tankard(9 Mar 2002/Dreven Gazette)

Thelon's Silver Dreams

(13 Sep 2006/Dreven Gazette)
Silver and leather goods, Balthazorian wine, Lotu'chai tea. Working in Silver and an independent merchant for generations.

Note: Contact AJ Maran

Thornmere Cemetary

(21 Jun 2006/Dreven Gazette)
New rural cemetery. Beautiful grounds. Considerable labor and affection have gone into the beautifying of the grounds, including a marvelous arched wrought-iron entrance gate and a small pseudo-marble manor. Alternating maples and elms line Dearborn Road at the front of the grounds. A reflecting pond graces the manor's stylish sitting garden for the meditation of visitors and other guests. The cemetery is comprised of 250 acres, a small portion of which is wooded. The middle of the cemetery raises to an elegant summit from which one can appreciate a view of the river winding into the city. The cemetery and surrounding grounds are under the care and keeping of the Havinghurst family under the direction of the senior Havinghurst, Master Walter.

Trilli's Pies

(Multi RPs/2005/Havoc Sadani)
Havoc's favorite pie vendor in the Dreven Marketplace. Trilli's is a popular place that has been in the market for years, the owner choosing to stay put rather than expand, so that he can see and hear everything that's going on. It is located in a very common-looking stall covered by an odd sort of tent with walls that could be rolled up and down. Trilli is a cheerful man, portly and balding, "an' if you catch him when it's not busy, he's got all kinds a'stories."

Trimble's Stationery

(Only One Path/15 Sep 2006/Sherakai)
Modest paper- and writing-goods supplier in one of the buildings on Market Square.

Turban Treasures

(10 May 2003/Dreven Gazette)
Specializing in Too-Me's Pyro Paunch Reducer! Guaranteed to slim those hips and diminish those unsightly rolls, you can now buy Too-Me's Pyro Paunch Reducer for only 20 waters! And for a limited time, buy Too-Me's Pyro Paunch Reducer and receive a half-size sample of Shaftile's Shaving Miracle for free! Used by the Lady of Wadi herself, it's absolutely guaranteed to rid that upper lip or back of unsightly hair!

Wild Boar Tavern

tankard(So You Had to Be a Rebel/Kendra Rulyar/10 Jun 2006/
A little tavern with a small courtyard behind it.

The Water-Logged Hull Tavern

tankard(11 Sep 2005/Dreven Gazette)
River District, Dreven

Wild Rose Tavern

tankard(Awakening/15 Feb 2006/Genesis)
...west of the city [is] a tavern called the Wild Rose

Willoughby's Inn

(End of Days/(Sherakai)/22 Sep 2006)
Clean atmosphere, doesn't get a lot of the usual traffic. "out of the way" -- south of the Market in Padley Street.

Xiaoqi Imports and Exports

(11 Mar 2005/Dreven Gazette/GryPheonix)
A family owned business that's been around in one form or another for over a thousand years, Xiaoqi Imports and Exports has maintained a low profile and independence from the quickly expanding UMA. While competition has hampered it slightly, rumor has it that the company has established a method to stay in business. A visit to the office and nearby shop has shown that they have access to a variety of goods, from the rare to the mundane. These range from books, artwork and curiosities to all sorts of foodstuffs, medicine and cloth.

Ysanne Solaste Furs and Leather Goods

(17 Dec 2005/Dreven Gazette)
Furs and leather goods of superior quality. Contact Ysanne Solaste through the Crosswinds Tavern.

Note: Contact Ysanne Solaste


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