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elf symbolIn the world of Lyran Tal the Elves speak their own language, as well as what is referred to as "Common." Elvish (also referred to as "Arborian") is lilting in cadence and musical in sound. Elves from other lands, including those that come through the portal, do not speak the Elvish of Lyran Tal, and must take the time to learn it if they wish to speak it.

Excerpted here are some of the words, places, and things found in stories set in Lyran Tal, as well as some general terms that may be useful. Additional words will be added as written stories grow. The intent is not to create a working language with many grammatical rules, but to simply add a touch of culture for those who wish to use it.

Using these terms is certainly not necessary for playing a native elf! During live play in the Crosswinds Tavern, the font "Symbol" is sometimes used to denote Lyran Tal Elvish, but as some chat clients do not display this font properly, this is not a recommended practice. Please denote the use of the Elvish language by referring to it in dialogue (i.e. ::...he said in Elvish:: or ::...he said in Arborian::).

For those interested in using Elven words, please do not use either a current Earth language or a language made for another setting, including Tolkien's languages from The Lord of the Rings, other novels, or the online dictionaries of "Elvish." Lyran Tal Press is committed to adhering to copyright laws as well as remaining unique, and the use of these other languages and labeling them Lyran Tal Elvish is in defiance of both.

For more information about the Elvish Language, please contact: The Arboria Region Leader

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àile wind
Aile'se'ar Sword Upon The Wind, Tempest Sword. One of the swords of the Dín Lann.
anacéile soul-chosen
anua from
arsa'arwyd grandmother
arsa'thair grandfather
arsada elf
arsaidh ancient, old
Arsaidhei (AHR-seh-dee) Ancient/Elder (eldest member in the Arch-Mage's Council)
artan stone
artanduin golem
áruinn forest
arwyd mother
arwyd'deathir uncle (mother's brother)
arwyd'deatta aunt (mother's sister)
awhain river
ayame heart
ayn the
bàs death
bea'wn living (adj.)
beatha life
beir bringer (noun)
bith world
brio dream
brio'wn dreaming
bryd mind, will, intention
ca'is this
caern shall
cail thing
cainteoir (CAHN-tay-oh-ehr) speaker
camre walk
camre-àruinn (cam-REH ah-ROON) forestwalk (a geomancer's treewalking)
caul rash, foolish, quick to bad decisions
céile spouse
ceithir fourth
Ceithirdeilen Fourth Leaf: geomancer ranking
Cennebrae capitol city of Arboria
ceud first
Ceudeilen (SEW-day-lahn) First Leaf: geomancer ranking
cóig fifth
clu instant, immediate, fast
colann body, shell
corei to come, to enter
Cóigdeilen Fifth Leaf: geomancer ranking
cùrama "be careful"
cyorneth thought, complexity, deep philosophical concepts
dannsrí Dance of the Lines, elven calligraphy
dar sharp
dara second
dea good
deatta sister
deilen (day-lahn) leaf
dín silent
Dín Lann Silent Blade
Daradeilen Second Leaf: geomancer ranking
Dea'beatha "Live well"
Dea'fine "Blessings, friend"
Dea'gáel "Blessings, beloved kin"
deó spirit of all things, all things that are above mortals
deóduin a person wise in the spirit of all things; shaman or a Gifted Druid
deódyn the High Druid; Leaflord
deóran spirit song
déothan god; Great Spirit of Gaia
du you
duin person
dùsgah awake
ean'eshe little bird
ei it
failghe (fahl-gee) ring
fal to catch
fe'arsadth "Elf-man"
fear man
feàruinn woodsman, man of the woods
féin self
fine friend
fios know
fios bith "Know the world"
firinn truth
gáel loved kin
grág gibberish, pompous boasts
ic and
ilwyn vixen
lann blade
mea my
mea'deathir my brother
mea'thaga my love
mei me
mewn debt, lack
n of
nèamh heaven
neem home
nethan vermin
niale never
nóem energy and magic of the world (Ley Lines)
nóemduin man wise in the Energy of all things.
nuinyen baby
nuisafi inmost, private, deep
ór gold
pa what
qoedra really old, not yet ancient but well-smitten in years
réalta (reh-AHL-tuh) star
reannán star
Reannan'se'ar Sword Of Many Stars, wielded by the Commander of the Dín Lann, the Telp'ambar
roth (rawth) wheel
ryd time (as a concept or season)
Se'ar'ra-tan or Séaratán The Six and the One; the enchanted swords of the Dín Lann and the Telp'ambar
sia sixth
Siadeilen Sixth Leaf: geomancer ranking
Siafailghe (SEE-ah-fahl-gee) Ring of Six
sìolen druids
solus sun
taisbea reveal
Talamh'se'ar Sword Above The Earth; Hearth Sword.
One of the swords of the Dín Lann.
talamh earth
tapada thanks
teaga teacher
thaga love
thagara lovely, beautiful
thair father
thair'dara second father
thair'deathir uncle (father's brother)
thair'deatta aunt (father's sister)
thig little
tine fire
Telp'ambar The Commander of the Dín Lann
toran thunder
tòrr tower
Tòrrea Talamh
(TOR-ray-ah tah-LAHM)
Earth Tower; the place of Geomantic learning in Cennebrae
treas third
Treasdeilen Third Leaf: geomancer ranking
udán water
uinn wood
undlaig repast, meal
velon falcon
yn in
ys is

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