Aeromancy: the Second Gift

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Aeromancy SymbolAir, the life essence of all creatures, plays an integral part of the expansive ecosystem of Lyran Tal. Aeromancy, the second sphere of magic in Lyran Tal, encompasses spells of elemental air. This very powerful form of magic is centered at the Aerie at Even Further, near Wanasonda in Cloosidian. Klackatonakin is the leading expert and Arch-Mage of Aeromancy.



Ranks of Aeromancy

There are five recognized levels of ability in the School of Aeromancy:

Apprentice - Edii Volaticus (The Inconstant Eddy)
Mage - Ventulus Ay'pa (The Soft Breeze)
Warder - A'epau Navi (The Flying Wind)
Councilmember - B'yenn Fortis (The Turbulent Storm)
ArchMage - Omni Aerpon ( The Powerful Air Incarnate)

Those with a natural affinity for working with air can either find a mentor accredited with the Aerie's school of Aeromancy to work with, or apply to the school itself. Most students are accepted at the school, however many never graduate. Some students spend no time in the classroom, yet pass the Aerie's "Initiation Test" with flying colors. Others never take a mentor, and some use a mixture of both for their training. The second gift is flexible in this manner.

Common Aeromantic Spells:

Flight (Nar'e) - Manipulates air currents to levitate oneself or other objects or people. When lifting others, it is very much akin to creating Air Discs.

Air Discs (Lanxe) - Condensing air particles to form a solid disc that can be used to support heavy objects, or people.

Turbulence - Creating air pockets that can be jarring, uncomfortable, or dangerous for someone who is flying.

Air Bubbles (Afrizo) - Forming oxygen-filled bubbles underwater for the purpose of breathing.

Summoning Wind (Ty'ligo) - Aeromancers can summon anything from a slight breeze or eddy to gale force winds, depending on their power level. These gusts of wind can be used for many things including Wind Blasts (pushing the wind towards a person or object in an effort to knock it or them over), Wind Pulls (pulling a person or object towards the caster), and casting Funnels.

Funnels - are leveled according to the power of the Aeromancer

  1. Dust Devil
  2. Whirlwind
  3. Twister
  4. Cyclone
  5. Tornado (Kyklona)

Windwalls (Anemot'echos) - Condensing air particles to form a solid wall of air, penetrability depends upon expertise of caster.

Vacuum (Keno) - Ridding a specific area of oxygen for the purpose of killing, putting out fires, etc.

Transference (Metao'pa) - Moving the air from one vessel, area, or room to another.

Air particles (M'opio) - Contaminates or decontaminates the air in a given radius.

Air Pressure (Piesi) - Controlling the level of pressure in the air. Can cause a person or animal to be crushed if used correctly at the highest power level, or can also cause discomfort, ear popping, or nausea.

Air Currents (Pe'yma) - Changing the path of an object, such as an arrow, while in mid-air.

Influencing Weather (Kairos) - Included in this category is the ability to manipulate current weather conditions linked specifically to clouds, storms, fog, hurricane's etc. This power varies depending on the power of the Aeromancer.

Majros Magosa - The black magician. This is the mage who mixes magic, despised by all pure Aeromancers.


For more information on Aeromancy, contact:

The Cloosidian Region Leader

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