Geomancy: the First Gift

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Geomancy SymbolGeomancy is earth/nature magic; a Geomancer can cause spikes or walls of stone to rise from the ground, cause plants to capture and hold an opponent, open up a pit of quicksand, cause an earthquake, or treewalk, depending on power level. Anything that can be done with earth or nature, the Geomancers have mastery over it, including plants, gems, crystals, even steel and other metals.

The current Arch-Mage of Geomancy is an elf named Tequin Shaldolf-Sundew.

Becoming a Geomancer

The region strongest in geomancy is that of Arboria. As such, most who wish to become a Geomancer must go to the Elven Nation and apply for mentorship. In elven society, anyone, whether they be rich or poor, can become a Geomancer, and to wield the First Gift well a mage actually elevates his or her status within the elven community. The elves are rather exclusive, however, and a human showing good potential in Geomancy would not be as readily welcomed. In fact, since Arboria has closed its borders in the past few years, admittance to the Elven Nation at all is severely limited, so new mages outside of the Arboria are left to what few Geomancers still roam.

Generally in the Elven Nation, should someone show signs of Geomancy they are often taken as an apprentice and mentored by an established and well-ranked Geomancer. Such mentors are often well-respected and wealthy. The more pull the apprentice's family has within elven society, the more likely the pupil will get a mentor of high standing ­ which further increases their chances of being accepted into the official university of Geomancers, the Ṭrrea Talamh (The Earth Tower) in Cennebrae.

The Ṭrrea is an esteemed and pristine school for mages as well as home to a respected sect of elven scholars. Some of the most powerful Geomancers teach here. To attend the Ṭrrea, one has to be either very Gifted, or lucky that their mentor or their family had some influence.

An apprentice is prepared for admittance to the Ṭrrea over years of private teaching. At the Winter Solstice mentors present their pupils Council of Six; it is quite intimidating, especially for those not of elven blood. Still, the presentation is largely a formality, for if a mentor deems his apprentice is ready, likely the elven community already knows about him and has agreed. If the elves didn't find the fledgling geomancer fit or ready, his mentor would have not gotten through the doors into the Assembly Hall in the first place. Much in the Arborian society is about "who knows who", and it all boils down to politics.

Geomancers accepted into the Ṭrrea Talamh live within it. Located in a beautiful city with the serene Selendoria forest surrounding, it is a comfortable if not affluent lifestyle. Even if an elf with no family wealth was to gain admittance into the Tower, the school funds his studies and living. Most elves that attend the Tower have the superior attitude to match, for they are considered "well-gifted."

Students tend to be readily accepted, becoming quickly known amongst the academic and noble circles of elves. Unless they are not of elven descent; then they have a challenge ahead. Of all the races on Hyathis, humans have the most trouble. Elfin students tend to quickly ascend the rankings of the political ladder in the Elven Nation.

The above is generally true; this does not mean there are no exceptions. For example, a human Geomancer, truly gifted, might be mentored by an eccentric Geomancer, presented and accepted to the Tower against the protocol of the Council. This would obviously cause a minor scandal in the elven community, as the elves would be surprised that someone they didn't pre-approve was accepted by the Council.

With such strict and political barriers, there are some geomancers tha do not ever make it into the Tower or even Arboria, especially human mages. Rather than see poorly trained, rogue geomancers running loose in Hyathis, the Archmage has seen to it that individual teachers are sent throughout Arboria and the continent to ensure any gifted mage is assessed and either sent to the Tower or receive enough training to avoid hurting themselves and others. Even so, there are factions within Arboria that seek to draw potential mages to their cause. The Resistance and the Fist both train wayward geomancers - some with Archmage Shadolf-Sundew's knowledge, some without

Ranks of Geomancy

There are six recognized ranks of achievements and ability within the School of Geomancy.

First Leaf - Ceudeilen
Second Leaf - Daradeilen
Third Leaf - Treasdeilen
Fourth Leaf - Ceithirdeilen
Fifth Leaf - Cóigdeilen
Sixth Leaf - Siadeilen

A magical mark appears on every geomancer, believed to be granted by the Earth Mother, Gaia. The color, shape, and location of the mark varies, depending on where the Geomancer believes he draws his strength and skill. Every mark is a leaf, a single jewel embedded upon the flesh within it. The gemstone also holds its own significance regarding the potential of the individual, as well as the strength of the Geomancer's bond with earth magic. With each new level of power, the mark of Geomancy becomes more intricate, leaves entwining with patterns of vines and archaic symbols, though it never grows larger than a hand. Those who are knowledgeable can discern the skill and power of a Geomancer by simply looking to the intricacy of The Mark. Every Summer Solstice a ceremony is held before the Earth Tower, where the hopeful Geomancers undergo a ritual to see if Gaia grants them the next leaf-mark.

After the gaining the mark of the Sixth Leaf, the Geomancer is skilled enough to campaign for a seat upon the Council. Those on the Council, in addition to the mark of the six leaves, wear one of the Six Rings of Power, relics that date back to the very beginning of the elfin history in Arboria.

The ultimate achievement of power, the Arch-Mage of Geomancy, is recognized by an election from his peers. How the arcane and mystical revelations that are within the purview of the Arch-mage are granted to the chosen mage remains a well-guarded mystery, known only to the line of Arch-Mages.


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