Kronomancy: A Mixed Magic

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All Kronomancers have a limited ability to foresee the most likely outcome of the immediate future. This is restricted to other individuals, as a Kronomancer cannot see their personal future. Each Kronomancer uses a different method to 'see' into the future and predict the most likely outcome. Some Kronomancers use objects such as pools of water, rolled bits of stones, and some even use a single flickering flame. The methodology is not as important as the visions they see when looking at the patterns within chaotic objects such as a flame or a jumble of stones. While their predictions are not 100% accurate, typically they are close to the mark. On other occasions a Kronomancer may get a brief flash of insight into the immediate future (similar to animancy's foresight, though not limited to females). This foresight is uncontrollable and much more random. It is up to the Kronomancer to interpret this chaotic flash of insight and directly relate it to their own experience and intelligence. Of notable interest, other magics can scry into the present; Kronos can actually scry into the future and the past, but not the present.

All Kronomancers have varying strength in the ability to affect the age of an object that is not living. Such examples of this ability would be a Kronomancer touching a stone door and accelerating its age to such a state that the door crumbles to dust. A second example of this ability would be a Kronomancer touching a pitted and rusted sword and returning it to a state where it is pristine and newly forged. There are unconfirmed rumors that the Klockwork Master and his inner circle have (had) similar powers, which can effect living beings or matter.

Kronomancers of the highest power have the personal ability to travel through time to the past. This ability is limited in function in that the Kronomancer is forced to be an observer only. No actions can be taken and any attempts to alter the past have been met with catastrophic results typically linked to the Kronomancer. It is believed that only the Klockwork Master actually attempted to use this power due to its difficulty and the repercussions of a potential mistake.

It is believed that Kronomancers have other potential powers, but they have either not been viewed or those who have seen such powers did not live to tell the tale.

Since the death of the Klock Master in 1274, the small population of kronomancers has been systematically hunted - and killed.


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