Known Portals Throughout Hyathis

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Below you will find a list of portals collected from information throughout the Almanac as well as from stories that have been posted on the forums. This is by no means a complete list, and players are welcome to come up with other portals within reason. Some of these are not public knowledge, and the keys to some may be difficult to obtain. This information is for players; please use discretion about what your character would know.


  • Cennebrae - T˛rrea Talamh (The Earth Tower/School of Geomancy) (WARDED)
  • Cennebrae - city center
  • A (minor) stable portal just outside the eastern border of Cennebrae, guarded by Elven Blades.
  • Cor Emrys (Druid settlement)
  • Dvarnia's Hold (one stable portal in Zuan's office and a few stable portals within clan centers)
  • Gaimalli (WARDED)
  • Fort Klimteg (GUARDED)
  • one in each of the major Elven Cities plus one or two near the western coast on the plains


  • The High Nekropolis in Malcoven
  • Ossua Mikkal, Nekrolimani (permanently ruined during Leyline Cataclysm 1277/2009)
  • Rainshadow
  • Requiem
  • Stonecutter Fortress
  • Stonetimber Woods


  • North of Cremen's Peak
  • The Aerie at Even Further
  • abandoned SMK fort
  • underground fort where Empress Marinia Dreven is hiding out (KNOWN TO SMK ONLY)


  • Damansque - (public portal near western border of city)
  • Damansque - Starpetal Hall (GUARDED)
  • Deltameadow
  • Desleben
  • Elemaine (small)
  • Ft. Wantlokin (beneath the fort -- no longer a secret!)
  • Previous site of Nostrum
  • Vinoricco - [...] small but stable portal at the one of the deepest and most difficult to reach portions of the cave system, quite close to Vinoricco. Geomancers were brought in to make the portal more accessible. The portal was warded, and then the above-ground entrance to the cave system was destroyed. Only small vents, which led to various points in the mountains, were allowed to remain for the circulation of air. (Taken from "The Center Cannot Hold")

Oceanuus, Southern

  • Fort Denebrul (buried, perhaps lost)
  • Xieng Khouang
  • Belakamai (small) - The village goes simply by the name "Belakamai Village."
  • The Window - hangs in the air some ten feet from the ground at a location about a mile east of the Xieng Khouang portal
  • Eikasho (unstable)

Oceanuus, Northern

  • Hvannadalshnukur - under water (GUARDED)
  • One at the base of Freon's lair, a dead zone in Northern Oceanuus


  • Awnest, near Golden Lake. Concealed. Minor.
  • Crosswinds Tavern
  • Damiton, just southwest of Kinross, located between two boulders (small! Reaches to Vinorrico and the CWT.
  • Dendry Hill
  • Dreven - public, near the market
  • Dreven - Ft. Ubolutiin (GUARDED)
  • Dreven - TaysÓyad (GUARDED)
  • Dreven - UMA Hall (GUARDED, key not available)
  • Ethralest
  • Freetown
  • Herriman (small!)
  • Kinross (GUARDED)
  • Midford
  • Port Marrwater
  • Tatham
  • Villisport


  • Cnoc Liath (Greystone/School of Pyromancy) (WARDED)
  • Wadi Medani - located in an alleyway (out of public eye). Sometimes guarded.
  • Wadi Medani - a stable portal 'south' of Wadi Medani
  • The Rock of Duval (GUARDED)


"The Triad is in possession of a few portals."


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