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Mission Statement: It would be easier, of course, if those who began and presently lead the Allied League of Farmers had a catch-all statement or two that focused upon the goals of the ALF. There is none. Unlike the elite Union of Mercantile Authority or honor-bound old Silver Moon Knights, the ALF found it to their advantage not to have a clear-cut mission. They will say without hesitation that they are determined to promote the needs of those who feed the Empire.

So, although it would be simpler to begin an explanation of the ALF with an easy mission statement, nothing about the ALF is easy, therefore, we must begin with the history.


The ALF began with the single purpose to co-op grain at the mills before taking it to the city of Damansque. Young Olaf San Giamomico convinced a few fellow landholders to combine their harvest and mill them at the same time, decreasing the processing cost and increasing their profits. It did not take long for the original members of the small ALF to see the advantages of combining their voices, their products and their influences. Through all imaginable means of persuasion, Olaf gained members while securing his place as leader. With his rise in power among Vivomancers, the ALF gained notice from Nostrum and the Silver Moon Knights. The final gain of power came when the ALF secured the agreement to supply the fledgling Silver Moon Knights and their upstart leader, Cornelius Dreven I, with food supplies. The connection with the Knights also provided a means of safe transportation into distant Forts and a market for food exchanges.

When the ALF began, Olaf sought most members from the growing numbers of non-aristocratic landowners. This group was easily gathered from men who held wealth but not the prestige. They were eager, motivated and gathered behind them the smaller estates that aspired to be as successful as they were. As Olaf's influences increased he began to cater and associate with the Lords, gaining their membership.

Some in the ALF did not approve of this shift toward large, aristocrat landholders. Those who opposed this gathered around Olaf's oldest son Orazio. Orazio believed the strength in the ALF came not from the wealthy at the top, but from the numbers of smaller farms. He gathered supporters to the point where Olaf was uncomfortable and sent Orazio away with the official order to gather these smaller estates he spoke about.

Orazio succeeded beyond anyone's expectations. There were many smaller landowners that were eager to feel they had a voice. He gained most new support in Shadokhan and Oceanuus, encouraging the League to reach out to all food producers. At the same time, Orazio approached the Premier of the Union of Mercantile Authority concerning a post on their prestigious Council. Word of this action reached Olaf and he move Oraizo's younger brother, Panapolis, into the post Orazio had attempted to secure. Orazio also began a program of stockpiling grains for the uncertain times ahead.

The tension between Orazio and Olaf exploded when Orazio brought his bride-to-be, Lalchi Dahl, arranged by Olaf, to the San Giamonico Estate. Olaf banned Orazio and his supportes from the Estate and from the ALF.

This split weakened the ALF as turbulent times hit the Silver Moon Empire. With tidal waves, failed crops and poor leadership from the Council of Vivomancers, the ALF suffered. Although Olaf San Giamonico gained wealth from selling the grains Orazio had gathered, the ALF lost members and funds. There were also rumors, never to be proven, that theses grain were spoiled, infected with molds that made people ill.

As the Klockmaster took control of the country, Olaf switched loyalties and left the Nostrum Vivomancers, creating a hole in the ALF that Orazio quickly filled. With the new support of the Dahl tribe from Thermador, his wife's power, he returned to Luminii and took over the old San Giamonico Estate. He now attempts to rebuild the ALF and the San Giamonicos under his control.


At present, Orazio San Giamonico leads the ALF. He has always surrounded himself with his own council of six. When Orazio took leadership of the ALF he dismissed all Olaf's advisors.

The first major change would be the voice of the tribes of Thermador. Veda Dahl, Lalchi's (Orazio's wife) younger brother, sits to Orazio's right. Although the tribes associated with the Dahl Tribe are not active members of the ALF, there is little doubt that they support Orazio.

Milton Kerr and Renior Syliental have been with Orazio since he first held a position in the ALF under his father. Milton remained in Damansque when Orazio fled to Thermador, providing him with information from the ALF and his family. Renior moved to Dreven, still under Orazio's pay, to promote resistances to Olaf's lead of the ALF. Both men are skilled in gathering and distributing information.

Kraq Yaun followed Orazio to Thermador. He is the master of numbers, and Orazio's controller of coins.

To promote stability with current ALF members, Orazio has retained one new member on his Council, Nadiya Galyn, the recent manager of the famous Galyn Wineries. Her strength in promoting membership and organizing local events is known throughout Luminii.


Under Orazio's direction the ALF is becoming a grass roots type of organization. In many villages in Luminii the ALF is similar to present day Granges. They promote the agriculture of the area with information, social events and co-op sales. Many times, auctions are run by the local ALF, as are community dinners and dances. Each ALF region collects fees for their area. Two thirds of those funds remain for the running of local events. The other third goes to the headquarters.

Most of the benefits of its members are on a local level, such as higher grain prices when sold in quantities with other members, buying seed in bulk, sales that bring in more vendors and buyers, and social gatherings. Always stressed is the necessity to have a large voice to promote the needs of those who feed the lands. As the Klockwork took over the production of the food supply, it was through the ALF that individual landowners presented requests to regain control of their lands.

Membership in the ALF now also secures a voice in the UMA. Although each ALF member does not receive a vote in general UMA affairs, votes are taken by ALF regions and reported to their representative, Panapolis San Giamomico.


Each local ALF collects dues from its members. Dues are based upon amount of land owned and production. But, as with the mission statement, the dues structure is ambiguous. Each Region pays a yearly membership fee to the main office and then a percentage of its fees collected. However, different regions have set up slightly different fees or dues. For example, one area will hold large sales of grain and livestock that brings buyers from all over and raises its funds by charging vendors or sellers an entrance fee. Another region raises funds by collecting fees by weight of grain or products (such as wool) when collected to sell all together as a way to spread the cost of transport or milling.

Current Events

Luminii has undergone hard times over the past several years; first with many natural disasters, floods and famine, and then with the confrontation of their belief system, losing control of their farms and their religious leaders. Many farmers sat and watched the Klockwork forces rework their land with a mixture of awe and resentment. Although few could dispute their effectiveness, many tried hard to preserve the values of the past. Large estates and small farms both tried to reestablish their roles in both economic and social terms. Through the ALFs work with the Klockmaster forces, land was recovered and set back into the hands of landowners.

The process has left landowners in Luminii uncertain about their future. While the economic situation has greatly improved, more and more rumbles of political uncertainty are heard whispered. There is a division between those who feel the machines of the Klockwork force saved them, those that long for the Magic of the past, and those who seek a land of men ruled by men, with rule being based upon skill instead of magic or force.


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