Black Wolf Company

black wolf companyThe Black Wolf Company, an organization created for the purpose of good for those who need it. Some would call them a mercenary unit, but those who do would be wrong. The Black Wolf Company does not sell themselves to the highest bidder. The company does indeed have their morals and ethics in the right place.

The Black Wolf Company consists of people who are chosen for their special skills and abilities. No member actually applies for a job within the organization. Its members are from all walks of life: human, elven, dwarven, and a few others not-so-commonly seen about. This includes others from other social standings from the lowest street rat to the highest of nobles, sometimes even including royalty.

Like a modern day special forces unit, the Black Wolf Company will do jobs that most others would not do, or cannot be involved in for personal or political reasons. The company has a privacy policy for those who are involved in the job, and will only be given information dealing with those who employ them on a need to know basis. This keeps both employer and company member safe

A few of those duties performed are as follows:

  • Scouting and reconnaissance, to include information gathering "other than out in the field."

  • Personal guard and escorting of goods. Members will do what they can within their power to ensure safety of the arrival of people being guarded or goods being transported.

  • Rescues and repossessions. This involves stolen goods from their proper owner. This however, involves much information gathering to assure that the employer is not trying to attain something that is not theirs in the first place.

  • Diplomatic and third person mediations. This is to keep an unbiased view on things involving any political or business issues.

The Black Wolf Company is a very versatile group when it comes to locations and types of mission. The group is well equipped or can be, once the proper information is gathered. They can also be mobilized quickly once the proper information is given. They will never be let go into a blind mission or one that questions the moral and ethic standings of the company and its members.

As with any job, there is usually a fee. The majority of the fee goes to the maintenance of equipment and upkeep of any animal in use at the time. The rest is used by the member for personal needs and supplies. The fee is determined by the jobs difficulty and any dangers involved.

Membership is not something one just "applies" for, as stated before. The process is long and done with care. Possible members are watched for some time. If the person being watched shows an ability or special characteristic beneficial to the group, they will be approached. After being screened, they will be given some time to think about the offer. If the person refuses to work with the company, the subject will not be spoken of again with person said. This will only happen once. Not all members are always called up for the jobs taken. Members are chosen for the job and assigned to them. But all benefit from the endeavor. Any actual monies earned are split between the group, a bonus going to those directly involved. It could be considered an investment in the company to do it this way.

Sometimes the money will come directly from the "boss," as bonuses for good deeds done.

In the near future, once business grows, the company plans to expand into a few other areas. One being that of open waters. Their main mission will be to escort merchant ships, as well as other ships, through dangerous waters. To include not only open waters, but rivers and large lakes as well. They will also have a special ship for transporting of important individuals.


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