Order of Shadows

There is a story, known to but few, of an unnamed Order of men and women who used to gather on the Seven Sisters Archipelago, at the island home of one of its members, to discuss the state of the world they lived in. They were scholars, mages, and powerful people, united by a common interest and a strict code of conduct and secrecy. The Order's purpose and activities would long remain a topic of mystery and controversy to those few who knew of its existence. But there was one rumor so consistently circulated that it seemed sure to be fact: the Order had been carefully crafting an elaborate plan for the implementation of a perfect Empire.

How serious was the Order about this goal? Had they had the opportunity to take any steps towards realization of the plans? It would never be known for certain. Time went by, members passed on, and upheaval came to their world. Soon the Order was no more, and rumors of their plans, even their existence, faded away.

Then, one fateful day, the writings of the Order were inexplicably discovered in a number of stone boxes in the wine cellar of an old tavern in Downsend, Luminii. Though the tavern keeper labeled them useless and wanted to burn them in the hearth, somehow they were never destroyed, passing instead from the hands of a curious serving girl to a merchant of antiquities, and finally to a certain young man. This young man read them, and re-read them, and then kept them.

More time passed. The Silver Moon Empire ceased to be. When it seemed certain that the Klockwork Empire was soon to fall as well, leaving much of Hyathis in disorder, the man -- older and far more powerful now -- saw that he had the perfect plan for the salvation of the Empire in his hands...

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