Legend claims that the Rig Shaigh (the true name of the race, pronounced rig-SHAY) are descended from the god Cannubal, the god of war, who sired children with a mortal mother. These divine beings were his Thirteen Children and embodied his ideals on Lyran Tal. He slew his mortal lover, and turned his Thirteen Children to his newly discovered ways by having them feast upon their mother's flesh, bones, and blood.

Cannubal gave his children many gifts. Among them was his insatiable hunger for all things in existence, a strength that rivaled all others, and freedom from the emotions of love and joy (which he believed were the emotions of the weak). Because of their actions however, the Thirteen Children were irrevocably transformed. The once beautiful visages of the Seven Sons were twisted into hideous mockeries, with coarse, gray skin and broad, flat teeth. Their hair that was once white and pure became stained red with the blood of their victims, and their beautiful blue eyes soon burned red with the fury of their father's blackened heart. The Six Daughters were similarly transformed, though they retained an undeniably primal beauty. No longer were they the Thirteen Children... they had become the Redcaps.

Gifted with this new transformation, the Redcaps made their home in Lideon in the Badlands, the city of their Father, from whence they sought to spread violence and warfare throughout the world. It is the Redcaps, led by Gane Torask, who were the real power behind the Demon War. Fortunately, their populations remained low, else the world would truly have had something to fear.

A Lost Race

Sometime between the rise of the Klock and the fall of the Drevens the Redcaps were eliminated by a plague that somehow managed to reach and annhilate every single one of them, except for those who were half-breeds. Now their city in some unknown region of the Badlands is accessible (and full of Redcap treasures, true masterpieces of metalcraft) but also haunted by the emaciated spectres of the extinct race. They aren't traditional undead and they cannot kill anyone per se, but they are more than capable of driving mad anyone who dares enter their homeland. It bears mentioning the plague was spiritual in nature. Cannubal had reawakened sometime after he was defeated by Tumian and was finally put down by his brother Marduk. Once he died, the souls of the Redcaps - whose fate was tied to his own - lost the capability to support the lives of their bodies. Within a week they all shriveled, died, and crumbled to dust, leaving only their starving spirits behind.

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