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We hope you enjoy reading these archives, whether it is the first time you have seen these tales, or if you are revisiting them again after many years. We feel they will provide interesting insight into the history of Lyran Tal, the characters, and the writers who have contributed so much to our setting over time.

One note for our Lyran Tal "researchers and scholars" who are about to delve into these archives: you might, from time to time, find something in a story that seems to conflict with the Lyran Tal setting. Wait a minute, is that a dragon? I thought dragons didn't exist in this setting, how did that end up in a story? The how and why of it probably doesn't matter too much, except to say that in an ever-evolving and busy forum... it happens.

Our advice to you would be that if you, in your searches and wanderings, find information in these archives that conflicts with the LTP setting information found on the website, consider the current setting information to be the most up to date and accurate information on the subject. As always, however, if you find yourself with questions get in touch with us. We'll be glad to help.

The archives are divided into separate documents by region and thence by years and, for the most part, stories that were posted as a single thread continue in that document whether the year ended or not. There are, however, occasions when the story breaks off and is continued in the next year. The organizational details are courtesy of aliens and we cannot claim that particular credit.

These stories are made available for your own enjoyment and research and, as always, they are the property of the respective author(s) and may not be copied, reproduced or used without express permission of the author. For more information, please see Copyright Information.

Archives cover the time period from January 1999 through August 2003, and Shadokhan through 2004. Click on the appropriate link to download a compressed (zipped) version of the document. Archives include both the story archive itself and a chronological index in .rtf format. Because of their size, Shadokhan Archives are listed individually.



Imperial Update 2001-2003 (733 KB PDF)
Arborian Leaves 1999-2003 (481 KB)
Balthazorian Skeletons 1999-2003 (373 KB)
Cloosidian Breezes 1999-2003 (279 KB)
Luminiian Cures 1999-2003 (512 KB)
Oceanuusian Waves 1999-2003 (385 KB)
Shadokhan 1999 (553 KB)
Shadokhan 2000 (1.1 MB)
Shadokhan 2001 (840 KB)
Shadokhan 2002 (807 KB)
Shadokhan 2003 (Part 1) (315 KB)
Shadokhan 2003 (Part 2) and 2004 (303 KB)
Tales From Beyond 1999-2003 (463 KB)
Thermador (520 KB)