Diseases and Sicknesses

The world of Lyran Tal is full of hazards - natural disasters, magical catastrophes, mixed mages, power mongers, assassins, thieves, pirates, excessive bureaucracy... and disease. Pestilence and plague can spread more quietly and swiftly than the most elite of evil. Unseen, it creeps into food and drink, travels with pets and friends, wafts along on the gentlest of breezes. The list below is by no means exhaustive and is not meant to be an all-inclusive. Included are the names of the diseases, the region and date that they first appeared and, when available, a brief discription. Enjoy...


Bloodsun Bloom

Balthazor, 1273 - Bleeding from the pores and a yellowing of the skin with high fever gives the plague its name.

Lahina'ake Duna (Wasting Fever)

Southern Oceanuus and spreading to port cities on the mainland, spring 1279 - The infection, lasting about a cycle, has a slow onset of fever, headache, malaise, extreme loss of appetite and muscular pains. Victims literally waste away. In fatal cases blood spots develop on the upper body and are soon followed by bleeding from nose and mouth. Death generally occurs within five days after the first blood spots appear. Those of Mer descent are unaffected. Because of the mottled redness of the skin and the duration of the sickness, it is being associated with red Rodien, and considered a 'moon curse.'

Merrot (Mer Rot)

Southern Oceanuus, 1275 - A contagious fungal disease that arises from the moist conditions in which the Mer (and subsequently many of their attendants) must live. It progresses from itchy red skin on the feet and hands to burning areas infecting the armpits, groin, and neck. The affected areas become scaly and develop a green color. It is not yet known if this disease is curable; it has been occasionally fatal.

Red Tide

Northern shores of the empire, 1258

Running Fever

Dreven, Shadokhan, 1272 - Dysentery and fever-induced delirium.

Twelfth Death

Luminii, 1259-60 - A mysterious epidemic of a fatal disease now known as the Twelfth Death (dg2002-05-10.html). No explanation for its origins (publicly that is) and the Vivomancers were never able to reverse its course. All who contracted the disease died.

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