Dogs of Lyran Tal

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Range: Throughout the Caedal Marshes and surrounding areas.

Physical Description: Known as Swampers to the rural folk, the Boghound is a large, rough-coated hound with an imposing head. First bred for hunting swamp game, it has great strength and a strong body with long, striding steps. This makes it able to perform prolonged hard work. Boghounds generally weigh between 100 and 140 pounds. They have extremely sensitive noses which make them inquisitive and persevering in investigating scents. Because of this, Boghounds require particular supervision. The breed is friendly with a unique bass voice which they use frequently. The Boghound hunts its quarry both on land and in water, and it has a combination of characteristics unique among hounds; most notably an oily, rough, double coat and substantial webbed feet. Their ears are also quite substantial. The bite of the Boghound is well known for its strength, and finds few rivals amongst those dogs not bred for battle, and makes it well suited for taking down swamp game all on its own. The breed lives to between 15 and 20 years old. The Boghound requires considerable exercise and attention. They can be good household dogs but need to be kept in a secure property since they can jump fences up to 5 feet high. Their coloring is black with golden to golden-red fur at their paws and muzzle, with some golden to golden-red fur crowning above the eyes and crowning their head to various degrees.

Hetleven Tracker

Range: Chiefly Luminii and Shadokhan.

Physical Description: This aptly named dog is renowned for its ability to track down prey by scent through all kinds of terrain and weather. Unfortunately, the same sheer stubbornness that allows the breed to follow a scent trail for long periods of time also makes the dog difficult to train and control, though the results are well worth the effort. Hunters often use the Hetleven Tracker to locate and track small game. When the dogs locate their prey, they let loose with a high-pitched, almost frantic barking.

Very short of stature and stocky in build, these dogs have a long nose and almost comically long ears. Their fur is short and curly, and their coloring is usually a combination of three or more colors. A Hetleven Tracker that is born with a white tail is considered ideal and is worth more coin, because it makes them easier to spot while they are ranging ahead of a hunting party.


Range: Originally the forests in Nearcoven, Balthazor, now in Shadokhan as well.

Physical Description: The Mevrickkie is an agile, active watchdog and hunter of vermin. The Mevrickkie hails from the forests in Nearcoven, originally bred from a larger black herding dog. The breed has spread to wherever vermin are a problem and with the undead of Balthazor, vermin are constantly a problem. A curious fellow, the Mevrickkie is interested in everything around him. Faithful to his master, he is reticent with strangers. He will protect his family and property if the situation calls for it.

In appearance he is only eleven inches at his shoulders. He is sturdy, thickset and tailless. He is black, always black and has face like a fox, narrow, intelligent. His small eyes are dark ovals. His ears are small and upright, furry and soft. His coat is thick with short curls and rich to the touch especially at the thick ruff. He slopes from shoulders to hind end, an impressive, compact profile for chasing down the vermin he was bred to destroy.


Range: Domesticated, no wild roaming herds

Physical Description: This breed is very sleek in appearance, having been first bred as hunting and sport companions for the Balthazoran nobility. They carry themselves in a very erect and upright manner which lends itself to their regal heritage. Generally, the coat is black and tan, though it sometimes possess white patches near the chest. The chest area underside is tan or white, and the feet are tan or black. The hair is short (about 2 inches) and more course than is found in most breeds. The eyes are a dark brown with patches of tan above, and the ears are wide at mid-point, and then taper to a rounded-v shape. The Morbogensian is a scent hound that grows to be about 60 to 75 pounds on average. This dog is extremely friendly and loyal. They are very good-natured and well-mannered with both people and other dogs. They form strong attachments to their owners and are very protective of family members. It is very protective of its immediate territory as well and will appear very ferocious, with an intimidating bark and growl towards strangers. However, it will immediately accept anyone who is invited into the area by its owners. They enjoy constant companionship and tend to remain in the presence of their owners. The Morbogensian bloodhound is an extremely intelligent breed, and is easily trained.

Teres Hound

Range: The Silver Moon Empire and into the Badlands.

Physical Description: The Teres Hound is a very old dog breed, originating in Luminii but now fairly common through much of the Silver Moon Empire and into the Badlands. Tall, long-legged and extremely fast, the Teres Hound hunts by sight and therefore has the best advantage in open terrain. These hounds have long been used to assist hunters in taking down game of all kinds, and are particularly effective when working in a pack. Because of their imposing size, this fiercely loyal breed is sometimes used also for personal protection, or for guarding estates. Teres Hounds typically have a short coat that ranges from tan to brown to black. Their ears and long tail are sometimes cropped at birth.


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