The Silver Moon Empire

While there are many other areas to explore, most of the stories and roleplaying in Lyran Tal occur in the Silver Moon Empire. Emperor Tumian Dreven, grandson of Cornelius Dreven, once reigned with the support of his Council of Six. The Council was made up of the Arch-Mages of each magical Gift; each of these Arch-Mages reigned over one of the regions, leaving Shadokhan as the Emperor's seat of power.

Since the overthrow of Tumian Dreven at the hands of the Klockwork Master in the year 1269, various regions have splintered away from the once-grand empire. Southern Oceanuus can date its independance to the massive tidal wave of 1263 that destroyed most of the Emperor's fleet and robbed the islands of their Archmagess. The Pirate Nations sprang up in the aftermath of disaster, and Tumian was never able to gain control over them. Arboria was the first region to officially secede, immediately after Tumian's death. Cloosidian followed suit in short order.

In early 1273 Orazio San Giamonico began a rebellion against the Klockwork forces in Luminii. He was joined in his efforts by the Silver Moon Knights and a large mercenary army led by Keldon Baraeros. By mid-1274 the Klockwork Empire had at last been driven out, and a new, independent government established. Through a series of mysterious pyromantic attacks, the Klock's power in Thermador was also broken. By autumn of that year, the rebellion had carried over into Shadokhan. The Klockwork Army, dogged by attacks from the Pirate Nation and greatly weakened, was at last defeated by a group of rebels, Knights, and the forces of Captain Rafael Dolek who had defected from the Klocks.

When all was said and done, six independent regions were left struggling to reestablish a sense of order and unity. For more information about each region, please visit the following links:

Arboria Cloosidian Shadokhan
Balthazor Luminii Thermador

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Map of the Silver Moon Empire