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Cloosidian SymbolThe high mountain peaks of Cloosidian are home to one of the most unique races in all of Lyran Tal. The Seleventi are a race of bird-like beings which can be found throught the world, but their origins can be traced to the mountainous region of Cloosidian. The Seleventi are a tribal-based society which has over twenty-five primary tribes or flocks. Every twenty-years the Seleventi tribes meet at their ancient aerie site, Fona Du Del. The greatest warriors represent their flocks in a mass combat where the lone surviving warrior is presented with the Seleventi Crown of the Four Winds. The winning tribe rules over the Seleventi people for the next twenty years. The current tribe ruling the Seleventi is the Killer Shrikes, a race of buzzard-like creatures known for their aggressive nature and distrust of humans.

As the next battle for the Crown of Four Winds approaches, conflicts have increased between flocks. Each flock tries to position their warriors with the best and most effect tools for the battle. Rules for the battle have been enforced through tradition and honor. Observers of the Seleventi agree that as the battle approaches they become more violent. Some scholars even state it is the nature of this race.

The Shrikes rule in the capital of Wanasonda, which is located high in the Farlooking Mountains. Travelers or caravans can reach Wanasonda, but there is only one usable trail... one which is constantly guarded by the Seleventi. The Seleventi are a warrior people to the core and their Aeromancers are all versed in both combat tactics and magecraft. The current leader of the Aeromancers is Zorrel Sparfilt, a human who keeps watch over Cloosidian from his famed Chamber of Seasons, located within the Aerie at Even Further. The Aerie, a natural structure built into a hollowed mountain, also houses the Council of Six and is the training site for many Aeromancers. Impossible to reach by foot, the Aerie is penetrable only by means of flight, and is under the constant guard of both its Seleventi and human residents.

The Seleventi have a secret police organization that uses tactics and stealth to achieve a stable realm. Called the Khel'da'Rhe, or The Wings of the Deep Night, this organization was long a hotbed for covert Shrike activity. Currently, this group is being run mainly by Hawkans after the untimely death of Arc-of-Lightning, its previous Shrike leader, following an attempted coup of the Aerie.

Another major city in the Cloosidian region is the lake city of Cremens Peak. Cremens Peak is a human settlement found on the fringe of the Seleventi nation, and is home to the ex-archmage of the Aeromancers. Jarz LaFrenz was leader of the Aeromancers, but he lost all of this with his political outspokenness against the Emperor and his leadership skills. Tried and convicted of treasonous activities, he was banished from the Emperor's lands. He has been hiding out in the city of Cremens Peak, where rumors have been surfacing frequently of his numerous exploits in and around the area.

The Long River, so named by Shadokhanners who live along it because they can't pronounce and don't care to understand the Seleventi name for it, runs from high in the mountains, past what is now Fort Kinross and into Arboria, where it eventually joins the Terathiel and flows south through Shadokhan. The Seleventi name, "Awrawkaksssihisssrawkasta," translates roughly into "The river that springs from that one mountain where that avalanche happened and ruined a number of nests and flows into Shadokhan."

Cloosidian is the least populated of the seven major regions of the Silver Moon Empire. The mountainous land attracts very few people beyond its natural inhabitants due to its fierce climate and rugged terrain. Despite this, the land holds many things of interest. It is bespeckled with many of the ancient tombs and mountain retreats of some of the world's greatest mages, and many are drawn to the region on expeditions to uncover these treasures. Springs are also plentiful, with the mineral water from them being a major export. Clear, fresh water from Cloosidian is used in many of the most popular drinks in the Empire.


Although the Seleventi discourage trade, often to the point of attacking caravans, a few rare items bring high profits to those brave enough to take the risks. Feathered coats, called Lor'verta, are exquisitely crafted, colorful and grant the wearer the gift of flight. Since the rule of the KlockMaster they have become extremely uncommon.

Granite and other strong stone, as well as some ores, were once traded freely and used for building in other realms during the rule of the Drevens, but this trade, too, has been limited in recent years. The old beliefs that the mountains hold life and ancestors have resurfaced and the Seleventi have discouraged taking anything from the ground beneath them. This current trend has also increased the value and risk of trading these items.

In the autumn of 1276, under the direction of Archmage Zorrel Sparfilt, tentative trade agreements were established between Cloosidian and the regions of Shadokahn, Luminii, Arboria, and Balthazor. Items known to be coming out of the region are the popular mineral water and wines, tapestries, Cindolyn based perfumes, oils, wool from the region's mountain goats as well as goat cheese and meat, among other items. Cloosidian is also providing escorts through the mountains for merchants from these regions to guarantee their safe passage.

Cremen's Peak is also known throughout the Cloosidian Region for the hard head fish found in Lake Cremen. The fish are a huge export for the small city and without a doubt make up the primary means of employment for the many fishermen who dwell there. In recent times the Seleventi have decreased their consummation of these fish as another way to show their disapproval of humans. With the assistance of Jarz LaFrenz, the fishing community has exported these fish to other regions.


Cremen's Peak
Primary Trade: Hard head fish

A fishing village south of Cremen's Lake, which is located on the western border near Arboria.

Even Further
Primary Trade: Hard head fish

The Aerie at Even Further, the school of aeromancy, was named as a joke, a bit of one-uppance gone awry. The Farlooking Mountains had a human fort, in ages past, called "Further Still." The Seleventi, never ones to be outdone, spawned "Even Further" atop the ancient tribal combat-and-burial site of Fona Du Del, and had made it the home of the Aeromantic Council of Six. Aside from a brief few years -- under the notorious tenure of Jarz La Frenz, where the Council was held at the human city of Cremens Peak -- the Council of Six had always met at the Aerie at Even Further.

Note: The humans pointed out that the Aerie should really be called "Even Farther," but they were summarily ignored, the joke long lost. Even Further's name, unsurprisingly, was attributed to Kekkimoninan, a powerful parrotivian Aeromancer -- and father to Klackatonakin. The exact name, "Even Further Than Further Still, The Furthest Of Them All, The End, We Win," was deemed too wordy, and thus shortened)

Primary Trade: farming

Primarily a human fishing town.

Primary Trade: mining and smithing

Home to Mirilar Arms, providing only the highest quality of weapons to Forts Wantlokin and Ubolutiin for decades. Kadien Mirilar, owner and smith.

Primary Trade:
Official: Elder Mara Shellath

Stourn is one of the many settlements in the Empire's only landlocked region, located in the foothills of the Cloosidian arm of the Sturrbiths, near the Luminian border.

Primary Trade:

The capitol city of Cloosidian.

Notable Characters in Cloosidian

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Arc-of-Lightning Hunts-the-Thunder Phelan Hastur
Aeolus Corindu Guggían the Nearsighted Regalwk
Breina Ashlyn Jarz la Frenz Se'quwin
Du'nuwin Jha'quin Speaks-the-Winds-Secrets
Ereldan Ashura Klackatonakin Strider Sinar
Flies-with-Grace Levi Helsinth Wields-the-Storm
Olo Obitomo


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