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Dreven City Businesses

Note: The following is a list of businesses outside of Dreven City, and it is provided in order to help players and writers promote a sense of continuity within the setting. It is not complete, and it is not meant to be restrictive in any way.

Some of the establishments listed here have been created just to lend atmosphere or detail to stories or the forum as a whole. They are run by NPCs and you are free to use them for detail in your stories or role-play. However, some businesses listed here are owned or managed by active characters in the forum, meaning that if your character were to patronize the business, he or she would likely have some interaction with the character who owns the place or runs it or otherwise works there. For those situations, a contact name and email address is provided so that you can get in touch with the player to work out any details of your character's visit there.

If you have businesses to add or modify, please note your friendly neighborhood Webmaster.


The Arrow and Quiver

tankard(Salt Creek/25,Apr 2007/Marc Riley)
Saeltown, Shadokhan: The Arrow and Quiver serve as tavern and inn for the small village. The proprietor and tender was a middle-aged woman with salt and pepper hair tied back in a bun. Her plump face had a reddish cast.

The Barrel

(Fallen Stars/20 May 2007/The Shrike)
S'osha: The Barrel resembled nothing short of a barrel moored to the Drift, modified enough to keep it afloat but more or less a floating cask. The message was abrupt, but it was impossible to miss when one was seeking a place to get hammered in the evening - or mid-day, or in the morning. Chun's had the variety, atmosphere, and floor space. The Barrel had Pati.

The Broken Feather

tankard(Exile/19 July 2008/Kili Bashar)
Ethralest, Shadokhan: Middling tavern.

The Broken Hand

tankard(Exile/19 July 2008/Kili Bashar)
Damansque, Luminii

Cindolyn Inn

(Three/10 Mar 2009/Luminii)
Damansque, Luminii

Commer Falconry

(09 Mar 2005/Dreven Gazette)
Vaille, Shadokhan: Barwin Commer, famed falconer of Vaille.

The Creaky Door

tankard(The Greenkeeper/28 December 2008/Renata Mercurio)
Greenkeep: Dark and cavern-like, the dual story tavern was long and narrow with private rooms above. It was made for the fleeting moments the lumberjacks had to spend their coin before setting out once more to set their axes against the trees of Greenkeep forest. When one did linger, it was noticed and remarked upon to the right people.

Donlan's Pub

tankard(Salt Creek/17 Feb 2006/Marc Riley)
Near Midford, Shadokhan: The local tavern had begun its life as the horse barn on Wilt Donlan's farm, back in the days when he thought he would be a breeder of Dales. But before Donlan ever got around to buying himself a brood mare, he found a new passion: brewing ale. Donlan's wife had cursed him so loud the next farm could hear it, but Donlan was not dissuaded. The barn was slowly converted into a brewery, and when his ale got to be popular with the locals, he added some mismatched tables and chairs. Donlan's Pub was born.

The Fair Maiden

(19 Nov 2007/The Long Road/Luminii)
Vaille, Shadokhan: The Fair Maiden wasn't exactly "fair" by any standards of beauty. It was dark with a central hearth that smoked badly. The rooms upstairs were small, furnished only with straw mattresses resting on the floor. But they were clean enough, better than sleeping on the ground, and best of all a serving girl brought him up a half cask and filled it with hot water so he could bathe. It cost him a significant part of his saved coin, and he could barely get himself into the cask, even with knees drawn up.

Oceanuus Academy

(Courtesy of Edail Archiras, 1999)
Southern Oceanuus: For a thorough education in a wide range of combat tactics, the Cadet Academy is one of the most sought-after routes to become a warrior. Graduates from the academy can return to a secondary school, Ischa Fervor's School of Combat Tactics to further their rank.

For more information, please see Oceanuus, the Academy

The Lusty Lass

tankard(Exile/25 Jul 2008/Kili Bashar)
Villisport, Shadokhan: The 'Lusty Lass' had been boldly run aground - and then a little further - between a pair of docks in Villisport. Then it had been given all the proper structural support needed to make patrons safe and city officials happy. At least as far as the building itself went. It was a favorite watering hole of many of the pirates that populated the busy little seaport. It was a place where shadowy deals were made and illicit monies exchanged for services one was better off not knowing. If one got caught picking pockets at the Lusty Lass one was likely to be hung from the yardarms without a by-your-leave, and the city guard would look the other way. The same could be said of anyone there caught cheating or brandishing weapons, which was perhaps a peculiar thing for such a notoriously lawless group of people, but even pirates have ethics.

Mirilar Arms

(09 Mar 2002/Dreven Gazette)
Nestleridge, Cloosidian: Mirilar Arms, providing only the highest quality of weapons to Forts Wantlokin and Ubolutiin for decades. Kadien Mirilar, owner and smith.

Serano's Roadhouse

tankard(Chains/03 Jul 2007/Cristian Kadec)
Vaille, Shadokhan: West of Vaille.

The Six Staves

(Salt Creek/25 Apr 2007/Marc Riley)
Midford, Shadokhan: Not the cheapest inn in Midford but it has a reputation as one of the busiest.

Wanton Kiss Inn

(03 Jun 1999/Landelian DeBrey)
Wadi Medani, Thermador: In all of Thermador one could not find a better set of accommodations short of the Shaftile's inner sanctum.

Whispering Waves Inn

(Preparations/22 Jul 2008/Ciara Bronnagh)
Nekrolimani, Nekroli Barony, Balthazor: This comfortable inn offers accommodations for short and long term stays. Rooms with sea views are higher priced than those facing out on the city streets. Cuisine here is primarily seafood fresh from the local waters. Messenger and personal maid services are available.


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