The Nostrellan Tradition

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As recorded by Celina Vita Hastur

The Goddess Nostrella is the religious icon the Vivomancers worship. Statues and tapestries depict a serious-looking woman dressed in luminous robes holding the Scroll of Fate in one hand, and a sprig of Starpetal (small, star-shaped, white flowers found growing wild in Luminii) in the other. The Scroll of Fate is the listing of death, as each living thing has to meet its natural end, and the Starpetal represents life showered down from the heavens, graced by the Goddess herself. To a Vivomancer, Nostrella is the final authority over life and death and all healing acts are done in her name.

Another point of healing interest: when a person has met their 'natural' end, even the most powerful of Vivomancers aren't able to resurrect them. Existence has a cycle dictated by the order of the Stars and the Goddess, and when life reaches its fated ending, none can overturn what is written in the Scroll. For those deaths caused by unnatural means -- for instance, poison, being killed in battle, injuries suffered from a fall, etc. -- only the Council of Six and the Archmagess herself can call upon the power of the Goddess and bring the dead back to life. But even in this there are no guarantees.

Nostrum -- At the beginning of its history, Nostrum was erected as the 'country' residence of the Archmage/ss of Vivomancy. A section of land was claimed on the vast plains located outside of Damansque and the two-level, sprawling retreat was built by the finest craftsmen of the time. In the many, many years that followed, the single residence was expanded to include an educational center, student residences, expansive gardens and a temple dedicated to the Goddess Nostrella.

The entirety of Nostrum is enclosed in a large, stone-built wall that offers a single, large, thick wooden, double gate that faces the east, looking towards the main road to Damansque. When one passes through the gate, they travel upon a smooth, well-maintained dirt drive bordered by shrubs and plant life that curves to deposit them upon the steps of Nostrum. The main building of Nostrum (the actual residence of the AM) is accessed by a large, wide stair topped by an intricately carved wooden door. Past the doorway is a large, rectangular foyer that is surprisingly free of any decor aside from a marbled floor detailed with the sigil of Nostrella and sconces upon smooth walls. A staircase leads to the second level, splitting to the left and the right accordingly.

Level One houses the Chamber of Moons, Chamber of Stars and Chamber of Suns to the right of the foyer, these being the various meeting halls of the Vivomancers, as well as a formal dining area. To the left of the foyer are a series of smaller galleries, lounges and classrooms.

The secondary level houses Annabella's and the Council's private quarters as well as guest suites.

The long, two-leveled building located to the right of the main building (facing north) houses teachers and students in a series of small, ofttimes shared sleeping quarters on the second level. There is a large dining hall situated in the first level of this building and just behind it, connected by an open breezeway, is the squared-shaped, bustling kitchen.

The long, two-leveled building located to the left of the main building (facing south) is the main center of learning for the Vivomancers. A vast library is located on the first level of this building while classrooms are on the second. The 'Hidden Library' is located beneath this building and can only be accessed via a passageway carved beneath the main building. Only the Council knows of the Library. Joining the Learning Center is the infirmary/Healing Center, where students learn to care for the sick and injured.

The gardens are situated within the confines of the buildings and walls of Nostrum. Directly behind the main building is the Garden of Life, a well-maintained, ornate garden of vibrant flowers, arbors, pathways, statuary and wells. At the center of this garden is the sacred temple, dedicated to Nostrella. Near the northern building (and kitchens) are the vegetable and edible plant gardens, a small orchard and berry vines. Near the southern building and the Infirmary are the herb gardens. Running along the eastern wall of Nostrum are small buildings for tools and supplies as well as a beekeeper. Wells are located in various places about the gardens. There is a small, rarely used door set within the western wall, set between the tool sheds that leads into the open countryside of Luminii.

The Vivos are communal in their existence, and the decor within Nostrum is sparse (aside from the guest dining hall and guest quarters). The floors are primarily made of marble within the Main building and there are murals painted along the walls, and more often, the ceilings. These depict scenes of nature, of the Goddess, etc. There are shutters and curtains for the windows, but no glass aside from a single wall of glass windows in the Chamber of Moons that overlooks the Garden of Life. There is no indoor plumbing aside from hand pumps and no 'magically glowing lamps.'

The Silver Moon Knights that guard Nostrum are housed in a building that is near the gate along the west wall. There are also stables and a small smithy there.

(Though the Temple of Nostrum was destroyed, the teachings of the Goddess Nostrella live on, in our hearts and in our words and deeds.)

Vivomantic Creed

"With the guidance of Nostrella, Goddess of Life and Healing, graced by her love and light, here lies my vow:"

"I shall follow that regimen which, in accordance to the Mother of Life, Keeper of the Scroll, is to the benefit of the sick and injured, glorifying the breath which she has showered upon all things through the brilliance of stars."

"I shall never cause harm. No weapon shall touch my hand, no falseness shall pass my tongue, never shall my gift become twisted upon itself, stealing that which She has bestowed in light and life."

"I shall serve unselfishly and continuously, giving of myself and skill to the joy of existence and the practice of my Gift, to the praise of Nostrella, our Blessed Mother, Healer and Life."

"These vows I keep inviolate, else I find darkness in my trespass, exclusion from my Family, renounced of my Gift and disfavor in Her grace."

"In her light do I serve,
In her steps do I follow,
In her grace do I live."


Rules of Healing

As commanded by Nostrella, Goddess of Life and Healing:

  1. Do no harm.
  2. Promote health and life. Educate the unknown to the blessings of existence.
  3. Alleviate suffering.
  4. Honor the wishes of the sick and injured.
  5. Treat all with dignity.
  6. Work harmoniously.
  7. Respect life.
  8. Do not associate with the detriment of Necromancy.
  9. Treat all Gifts with the respect of Existence.
  10. Follow the guidance and teachings of your Goddess, Nostrella.


Morning Prayer

(Required of all Vivomancers to be spoken at sunrise. At Nostrum, it is done with the chiming of the morning bell. For those outside of Nostrum, it's usually said in a perfunctory way upon rising from bed.)

"Nostrella, most blessed Mother of Life, Goddess of Healing,
embrace your child with the warmth of your living grace as this day begins anew.
Guide my steps that I may not stumble, touch my Gift that I may not fail,
fill my heart with the knowledge of your light and love.

In your light do I serve,
In your steps do I follow,
By your grace, do I live."


Sunset Prayer

(Required of all Vivomancers to be uttered at sunset or before sleeping. At Nostrum, the prayer is spoken after the chiming of two bells at sunset.)

"As darkness descends, bless me, Goddess of Life, that I, your child, may look
upon the face of the stars and know, even in the pitch of night, your light and love
showers upon me still.

In your light do I serve,
In your steps do I follow,
By your grace, do I live."



(The following are expected of all Vivomancers when in private and public.)

Greetings: Spoken to...

  • General Public: "Blessings of the Goddess..." (with a nod of the head)
  • Other Vivomancers: "Light and breath, Brother/Sister..." (with a nod of the head)
  • Archmage of other Gifts: "Blessings of the Goddess, your Grace..." (courteous nod)
  • Archmagess of Vivomancy: "In her light we serve, my Grace..." (bow at the waist)

To which the Archmagess responds...

  • "By her Grace you live, my Child..."

Departure Blessings: Spoken to...

Greetings: Spoken to...

  • General Public: "Her blessings to guide you..." (with a nod of the head)
  • Vivomancers: "Grace of her Life, Brother/Sister..." (with a nod of the head)
  • Arch-Mage of other Gifts: "Her blessings to follow you, your Grace..." (courteous nod)
  • Arch-Magess of Vivomancy: "May her light guide you, your Grace..." (bow at the waist)

To which the Archmagess responds...

  • "May you follow in her steps, my child..."


Note: Information for this manuscript was taken from the posts and notes of the player of Annabella Morningstar

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