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Welcome to the halls of the Imperial Library of Dreven. The following information has been made available to you, the citizens of the Silver Moon Empire, in the hopes that it shall better your personal knowledge of the kingdom and the prosperous reign of the Dreven dynasty. (Please click on the pictures of the books or scrolls to see the actual manuscripts.)

Even the wisest of men have something yet to learn -
and it is the wisest men who know that wisdom doesn't come with age,
but the ability to observe the world around them.

Teas The Book of Teas (by Tironwy Fyr) Connoiseurs of tea have long known the wondrous range of flavors of the simple leaf as well as the spiritual and healthy comfort they impart. Discover the basics of tea and tea-making. (Reference)
Cilersenei The Cilersinei Wars: A look into the history and legends of a few of the tribes of Thermador, with emphasis on that of the Versaisna; the last terrible war of the sisters, Hinthialsec and Anthasec, the latter of which came to rule her people; and the tale of the Star Stone. (History)
Black Branch A Definitive Look at the Black Branch Knights: An in-depth description of the notorious sect of warriors of Balthazor before their fall from power. Written from the perspective of a member of the group. (History)
Scroll A Few Words on the Pipe Leaf Plant and the Habit of Smoking a Pipe (By Antoni Denado of the Allied League of Farmers in Luminii): An in-depth look at Pipe Leaf, its effects and the habits of those that use it.
War Gods History and Legends of the Mad Brothers: The Mad Brothers, two gods - referred to by the society of Redcaps as Cannubal and Gom - who were imprisoned in the Badlands after a great, ancient war. Will they one day return to the land to wreak havoc and tortuous pain once again? The tales and lore of these twin, twisted deities lies within. (Mythology)
Scroll In the Beginning: An essay by Kieran Deladh concerning the possible settlement of Khorezim refugees within Hyathis. (Undated)
Scroll Knights of the Silver Moon Empire: A guide to the ranks, training and forts of the Silver Moon Knights. (History)
Herkimer Life, Undeath, and Everything (By Herkimer Corpsescryer): A manuscript equating the two most powerful forces on the planet: Life and Death.
Nostrellan Tradition The Nostrellan Tradition (as recorded by Celina Vita Hastur): Though the Temple of Nostrum was destroyed, the teachings of the Goddess Nostrella live on, in our hearts and in our words and deeds. (History)
Poems A Poetic Collection: A book of verse by the renowned Saerlaith MacInniss.
Scroll Report on the Black Branch Knights of Balthazor (according to Captain Tharius of the Klockwork Army): An account of the fall of the original Black Branch Knights, their subsequent absorption into the Sisterhood of the Labyrinth, and a summary of the religious beliefs of the Sisterhood. (History)
Scroll The Retaking of Vinoricco, Luminii: A stirring account of the rescue of the Luminiian village of Vinoricco from the pervidious Hive, Bitewind, 1261, with such inspiring, heroic participants as Emperor Tumian Dreven, Archmagess Annabella Morningstar, and the brave boy, Devon the Daring. (History)
Scroll The Staff of Entropos: A scrap from an unknown journal gives us insight into the harrowing account of the tricks played by Icaruss the Mad Mage in order to reclaim his Staff of Entropos (The Staff of Undoing). (History)
Sulevia The Sulevia Mythology: Much has been written about the goddess Sulevia. As the patron deity of the region of Thermador, she has played an enormous role in the lives of the residents of that illustrious country. The goddess appears in several significant historical works and is lauded in epics and poetry. Read about her birth, her life, and her amazing transformation. (Mythology)

In addition to these selections, please be sure to check out Literature in LT for further insights, information, and ideas about literary works.

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