Magical Items


Follow these simple guidelines to determine if your character has access to magical items:

  1. Money. How many people have Ferraris?
  2. Creation cost (time and materials). How likely and often is it that a mage is going to manufacture this item?
  3. Wanderlust. How far is your character willing to go in both distance and risk to get the item?
  4. Density of mancers. In a place with a mancer on every street corner, like The Aerie, you're probably more likely to find magical items.

Many magical weapons are created with Soniarium. This typically makes the items silent in nature when drawn, and also very resilient to crushing blows and shattering as Soniarium naturally inhibits sound and vibrations.

Al'kin Damires (The Black Death Wind) - a relic dating back several millenia, the Al'kin is a sentient being from the Realm of Shadows, trapped within the cotton body of a child's doll. The Al'kin itself is mostly translucent (being a creature formed out of Shadow) and its faint outline resembles that of a large cat or predatorial dog, seven feet tall at the shoulder. Several life-draining necromantic tentacles swarm from the Al'kin's back, stretching nearly a dozen feet a piece. although quick and nimble, the Al'kin lives up to its name, as it can turn into a wind and reform where it chooses to blow.

The doll in which the Al'kin Damires is trapped is presently possessed by Icaruss.

Avon MeredThe Avon Mered -- a disk-like object designed to contain those essences within the ley lines that were too corrupted to be repaired when the archmages of all seven Gifts gathered at the Northern Portal in the Crosswinds Tavern to restore the magic to its normal state. As the mages worked, magic fluctuated wildly both within the tavern and around the various regions of Hyathis. The Avon Mered soon filled with corruption and split dramatically into seven equal pieces, each of which are in the possession of the appropriate archmage. (26 Blossumbud 1275)

The Prophecy of the Avon Mered, as told by the ancients among the Thermadorians:

Time rings its toll on the lines in the sand
The lines wither and fall to disease
Seven will come to seek the taint
As will The Avon Mered to take the taint
Seven will be broken
Seven will be scattered
Peace comes again to the lines in the sand

Badge of Cannubal - The white ceramic medallion that serves as a recognizing device between all of Cannubal's followers. It also grants them protection from the beasts that serve Cannubal, such as the demons and what-not. If worn by one who does not revere Cannubal, the ceramic medallion shatters. Location unknown.

Blacksmith Dust - Crafted by the Pyromancers of Thermador, this is a dark powdery substance that when rubbed on the body protects against Pyromancy spells. While it will not protect against direct assault magics, it has been known to be virtually perfect against divinations by Pyromancers. It must be applied to some part of the body once a tenday, or lose its effectiveness.

Blade of Cannubal - Mythologically, the broadsword wielded by Cannubal during his war against the gods. Its power is so strong that it kills any and all opponents with but a single cut. Likewise, it can only be wielded by the Chief General (i.e. High Priest) of Cannubal, and should anyone not chosen by Cannubal attempt to wield it that person will be struck dead on the spot and unable to be resurrected (as the sword devours their soul). Secreted in Cannubal's tomb.

Bracer of Vim - A vivomantic armguard, the Bracer of Vim speeds up a person's life processes. Its creator is unknown. In fact, unlike the Troll-skin Life's Vest (which had nothing to do with trolls), this bracer was created specifically for trolls by trolls... and it is easy to see why, since they are the only creatures who could take advantage of the life-draining effects with little consequence).

The Bracer of Vim draws on the wearer's own positive energies by increasing the wearer's metabolism suddenly. As a result, the person's muscles are fortified, their thought processes speed up (in turn increasing their agility and reaction speed), and their constitution is fortified. When the spell ends, there is a horribly drastic drain on strength, speed, agility, and constitution, making the wearer suddenly vulnerable. Although the bracer was devised for use that stretched between several attributes, all of its energy can be focused into one attribute to a lesser degree, but with the same penalties afterwards.

The Bracer has had several owners over the centuries, although its earliest known owner was the elven mage Guidingbloom (who it is said used his geomantic powers to refit the bracer down to his own wrist size). He relied on this bracer in besting his opponents in contests of magic. In fact, he created a sort of legend, attributing his magical prowess to centuries of practice, something humans could never aspire to and thus furthering Elven views on self-superiority and human resentment. No one ever saw the painful after-effects, which only grew worse as he aged and eventually died at the premature age of 540.

The most recent known owner was Tyrone Thousand-Arrows. He was a guard for an ancient Baron and, in an invasion by a neighboring barony, he found himself and his comrades severely outnumbered. Using the speed the Bracer of Vim imparted, he felled invading soldier after soldier, becoming an instant legend for his lightning-quick fingers. Nothing is said of the sudden collapse he must have experienced afterwards.

Sure Mayato is currently in possession this artifact.

Cloak of Night - Negative energy body armor worn by Shaitann.

Dawn's Embrace - The bastard sword which was used to kill Icaruss in the Battle of Dawn's early Light, it was always at the Emperor's side. It is currently in the possession of Collum Wallace.

Dejannos Vakir - Created during the end of the Icarun Wars, Dejannos Vakir was forged in the depths of Dvarnia's Hold by the master weaponsmith Rwork Earthscar and Jarz La Frenz.

The dagger's grip is made from the skin of a Roogar (earth elemental beast of immense strength) wrapped over Ashblack. The crossbar and blade are made of a blending of mithral and Cloosidian crystal and honed to a razor sharp edge. Aeromantic and dwarven runes can be seen within the interior of the crystal.

It has three main powers which can be mentally commanded by the dagger's wielder.

The first power allows the wielder to create multiple images of his/herself which will follow the metal commands of the wielder. This can be valuable in both battle or obfuscation. At most three images can be brought forth.

Vakir's second power allows the wielder to transform into a whirlwind over ten feet tall and three feet wide. The wielder can stay in this form for up to an hour and can move along the ground or even into the air.

And it's last power allows the user to become invisible at will. The wielder can even go into battle remaining invisible, however the dagger does not confer inaudibility or mask the wielder's scent.

Some say the dagger commands other powers, but they remain to be revealed.

Dire Edge - It is not the weapon's original name, but the previous owner, a Triad Thief Captain, was unconscious when it was taken. This soniarium rapier is enchanted with the gifts of pyromancy and necromancy, making it an extremely dangerous weapon. It is currently in the hands of Edail Archiras, although it has only been drawn twice (once to fight a demon, once to fight a bloodbane).

Dreven Artifacts - There are several items once owned by Cornelius Dreven the Elder which are claimed by scholars, historians and mages to be 'valuable relics,' though their importance varies according to the assertion of the claimant. Not all of the items are magical; not all of the items have been identified and located. Some of the more important articles are as follows:

  • Cornelius Dreven's Statue: The statue of Cornelius was taken from its place in front of the tavern. Instead, a thick rock formation that almost resembles the statue was put there 14 Fadewarm 1272 (Aug 12, 2004). It was replaced with a bronzed copy of the original (in even better quality and bigger size) where it once stood.
  • Cornelius Dreven's Signet Ring: In possession of AJ Maran as of 3 Soothcool 1272 (31 August 2004) a circle of gold with a large ornament on it, discovered while AJ Maran and Collum Wallace were 'remaking' the old statue. The ring holds no magical properties.
  • Cornelius Dreven's Armor: The armor is fine made and conveys temporary invulnerability to all forms of magic when worn. Interestingly, there are at least two people claiming to be in possession of the genuine Dreven Armor:
    • Malachite Dale, vivomancer, obtained the armor at Northstar Keep in Chillset 1272 (December 2004). Malac requested that Cari Hastur watch over it. When Versaisna Lucair attacked Shadokhan, the armor was given to Steward Raphael Dolek, who then returned it to Dale. (approx. Warmgrow 1275/June 2007)
    • Ashoken d'Allessair Bashar, who came by the armor via Panapolis SanGiamonico. Ashoken employed it when she faced and killed the Klockmaster in Warmgrow 1274 (June 2006) and then retained possession.
    Unknown to any of the current owners, the pieces of the original armor were copied and separated. Each set of armor only contains one enchanted piece of the original.
  • Tumian Dreven's Sword, Dawn's Embrace: In possession of Collum Wallace as of Fadewarm 1272 (August 2004), Dawn's Embrace is magical but its properties have never been revealed. Rumor has it that the sword, like the armor, could reflect spells, break enchantments, and be used against magical creatures that could not normally be harmed by non-magical weapons.
  • Dreven Sword, Twilight's Shade (whereabouts unknown)
  • Dreven Sword, Midnight's Fire: Long lost relic of an ancient Empire. In the possession of the Seleventi, Du'nuwin as of Gentrain 1278 (April 2010). Although the properties are still unknown as of this writing, Midnight's Fire is a somewhat short (approx. 24"), one-handed sword with a narrow, double-edged blade that is wide at the forte and tapers sharply to a point. It is etched with the words, "Fire Within." The hilt is in the shape of flames with a single star in the flame at the top. The weapon shines with a bright, light yellow glow and radiates a warmth that, if held long enough, intensifies.

Feathered Cloaks of Cloosidian - (See Lor'verta)

Gateway Medallion - Five of these medallions are rumored to have been enchanted by Jarz La Frenz himself. They are extremely rare and extremely costly. One of them was once in the possession of Tieryan Call, but lost when he abducted Miri Bayani, Archmagess of Hydromancy, prior to the meeting of the mages when they wielded the Avon Mered in 1275. It is presumed to be in Oceanuus somewhere near the archmagess's hillside house.

Gane's Blood - Its effects are many, depending on how its used:

  • When applied to the eyes, it grants unbeatable courage during combat to the person to whom it is applied. This, of course, comes in the form of a berserker rage...
  • When drunk, it strikes the drinker dead.
  • When applied to the blade of a weapon, it fortifies the weapon against breaking and allows it to pierce mundane armor.
  • When applied to armor, it fortifies the armor against all mundane weapons.

There are other uses for Gane's Blood... but they have yet to be discovered.

Golembane (a.k.a. Essi'varrkene) - This broadsword was forged by Geomancer Timlin Suricone, a human 'mancer of incredible skill in both Geomancy and the forge. He was born in 1180 and rose through the Geomantic ranks but always stayed on the fringe of Arborian politics due to his love of creating items and the forge. He had close ties with the Arborian Dwarves. Golembane was his prize creation and was made during the Icarun Wars to combat the Golems Icaruss was using to devastate the regions.

The blade is made of a dark gray metal, dull in hue, which does not reflect light very well, and is extremely heavy, making the sword awkward to weild in combat. Despite its awkward nature the blade is effective if used by an accomplished wielder. The runes on the sword are a combination of elven and dwarven runes and the pommel is seared with the initials TS in ornate script (the signature Timlin put on everything he made). It is said that the blade is made to destroy automatons of all sizes and shapes and will cut through them like a knife through butter. While wielded against an Icarun War Golem, it effectively negates the golem's ability to ignore most weapons which are not magical. Additionally, it will greatly diminish the damage a golem can do to its wielder, effectively surrounding the wielder with a slight glow when when an automaton is present. The sword will also vibrate when a automaton is within 50 yards.

Golembane was lost after the war until the Mad Mage himself directed its current owner, Kendra Rulyar, to its secret hiding place inside his Seventh Tower deep under the earth of Lyran Tal.

Golems, Icarun - During the Icarun Wars with the Silver Moon Knights, Icaruss created an army of 89 golems. The first 87 were made from a mixture of Soniarium and Iron, and although no sound is made when they are struck, the properties of the alloy neutralize the soniarium's sound-cancelling character. Only #89, Coraz, who is made from pure Soniarium, is different. He emanates a 30 foot radius of no sound.

All golems are virtually immune to all magic save an Archmage or a collection of mages working in unison. Magical weapons will harm them, but you better be ready to face it mano-a-mano. Unless you're Chajar or maybe Yaxbury, or a few other awesome swordsmen/women, then be ready for the fight of your life. Best way to defeat them is to think.

The 88th Golem was Irvin. And something weird happened. Seems the essence of a living being somehow got trapped in it. So Irvin is free-willed. Who was the being? Where is Irvin now? Questions waiting to be answered.

The 89th golem was Icaruss's masterpiece! It is made of pure Soniarium. It was given to Gamorra Isolde to protect Caliseen. That was the last place it was seen in the now-historic story-line where a mercenary, gypsy, librarian, drakeslayer, and bartender found the forgotten city of Caliseen and faced off against Freon and #89. The golem's name is Coraz. The gods help you if you meet it.

Iron Glyph of the Seven Sundering - The Iron Glyph is actually a disk-shaped amulet of what appears to be smooth ashblack. Across its face and backing are strange crawling runes and sigils. It hangs from a thick silver and gold colored chain. When near sources of magic, the runes of the disk begin to emit a soft glow.

This finely crafted amulet holds far more sinister powers though. Its common names of old were "Mage Bane" and "Destroyer of Weavings." The Iron Glyph has the power to absorb magic in limited amounts and return the energy to the Ley Lines. Use of this ancient artifact does not come without cost. For those who use its powers frequently and abusively find their body degrading and aging. The Iron Glyph seems to need time between uses to fully diffuse the energies and prevent this backlash effect. Even doing this only slows the inevitable. It is currently in the possession of Arlin Runewright.

Last Breath - Infamous longsword previously wielded by Landelian Santos DeBreyy, now in the possession of one Lyris Edana.

Life's Vest (aka, the Troll-Skin vest) - One of only three of its kind, crafted by the long-dead master vivomancer, Rene Nostreune. The first one was always worn by him wherever he went, the other two were given to his family, one to his wife, who is said to be buried with hers, and one to his daughter, Marletta.

This unique item was devised in order to help facilitate the express enacting of his vivomantic powers, to preserve and prevent death due to overuse.

When used involuntarily, after one's life energy is suddenly drained, the life vest automatically redirects all life energy from the extremities to preserve the internal organs. A secondary effect is an increase in the flow of positive energy throughout the body, making a person's wounds heal noteably faster.

The name troll-skin was given for the odd troll-like abilities granted the wearer of faster healing (although nowhere near that of a troll) and the ability to survive near-death experiences. Unlike a troll, though, the wearer has a surprising resistance to negative magics, due to the fortification of one's positive energy.

The vest is actually made from threaded soniarium, and is in the possession of Sure Mayato.

Lightning In a Bottle - Created by the Crane'an philosopher and aeromancer, Flights-So-Fancy, for his most studious, yet least gifted, human student, Venture Mayato.

It is a thin, 6 inch long vial with a stopper in it. Within, the power of a raging storm was trapped. Depending on how it is used, a different effect occurs:

  • When the bottle is uncorked and pointed away, a random number of lightning strikes emit from the opening. Danger: due to the nature of the rain and wind produced within the bottle, it often gets wet. There is a chance that the wielder will receive a violent shock.
  • When the cork is removed and the bottle is thrown and spun in the air, a raging tornado is unleashed, complete with rain and lightning as well as intense wind.
  • If the bottle is thrown like a dart, mouth first, then, on impact, a dome of concussive force is unleashed, followed by several rings of chain lightning.
  • If the vial were ever shattered, then anyone within range would suddenly be caught in the throes of the most volatile storm imaginable.
  • It is rechargeable if opened within the midst of a raging storm, whose winds are trapped within by an Aeromancer.

Lor'verta - Feathered cloaks that are not only fashionable, but useful for the wearer. Those who are wearing it are granted the gift of flight.

Mangar de la Volpe - The sabre wielded by Miles Maudibe, head of the Triad.

Ring of Lunar Image - A black onyx ring that uses darkness of night and the negative energies of Necromancy to cast an image over the wearer. The bearer need but think and his form shall assume that image. The ring can only be active at night. As soon as the first rays of sunlight strike the lands the ring ceases to function and the image on the wearer quickly fades as the last lingering energies of the ring are used up. Usable only by undead or those unhindered by necromantic energies. Living beings are slowly drained of vitality by the energies otherwise. The unfortunate side effect of life-draining was unknown until those using the ring began to age quickly and die as shriveled husks. There was only one such ring created, and it vanished during the Icarun Wars. Location unknown.

The Se'ar'ra - Enchanted swords bearing a rare blade forged from magical ores and enchanted by ancient runes. Their ornate pommels hold precious jewels. Seven in total, they are bestowed upon the six Dín Lanns of the Elven Blades as well as their leader, the Telp'ambar.

The Shahir Ad Zoth -- the Fountain of Life. Separated into pieces and scattered by Icaruss long ago in case he ever died. The Elementals were to find the six shards and rejoin them. The Shahir Ad Zoth, in the ancient tongue, means "The Harbringer of Doom." The device was able to resurrect and recreate a body only once. When that happened, Icaruss fled Tumian's body and was reborn.(Whereabouts unknown.)

Solusreannán ("Sunstar") - A sword with a single-edged blade, slightly curved towards the tip, and bearing strange markings. Though the blade's origins are unknown, it is said to have been specially crafted for battling Undead. The sword is currently in the possession of Ranger Tristan Black.

Staff of Unmaking (a.k.a. Entropos) - Icaruss's staff. (Whereabouts unknown.)

Tears of Gom - Purported to be the tears of a god, the liquid is kept in a glass bottle. Use changes the character of anything it touches, inverting it into its complete opposite. It is currently in the possession of Kai dan Rikash, given to him by Pol Avarius.

Yewl of Tides - An amulet of possible Outlander origin - it seems to be associated with Hydromancy. It basically prevents scrying on the wearer by those who use Hydromancy or water based spells. Location unknown.