The Belladonna Sodality

The Belladonna Sodality is an assassins guild whose leader is called Shaitann. They are a highly secretive, mysterious group, the very existence of which has often been called into doubt. It is rumored that they are free-willed undead who wish to break the reign of the necromancers over them and see the freedom of the undead legions to take over the living world...

Since they have the advantage of being undead (which means they basically "unlive" forever or until someone kills them) most of their machinations cannot be put together because no one remembers that long.

Except the Elves...

Elves live for a thousand years. A definite hindrance to the advantage So, the Belladonna have a not-quite single-minded goal of wiping out all of the elves because they live so long and have such effective memories. No more Elves, no more obstruction to their goals, no more hindrance to world domination. The Sodality wish to destroy the elves more than anything. Their secondary goal is basically to destroy anything else that is not undead.

It was said that The Sodality died and was reborn every seven years. This was the case until a certain sergeant in the Silver Moon Knights stopped a certain serial killer in Dreven. She was imprisoned and when the time came for the Sodality to be gone for seven years, her imprisonment broke the chain of events. Thus... the Sodality seem to have been released from their enslavement to a strange part of the Rule of Seven. Now they fully intend to take advantage of their current situation.

Notable Characters in the Sodality

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Shaitann Moth and Butterfly Sepia Denicalis


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