The Triad

The Triad is a powerful criminal organization with ties and influence that reach throughout Hyathis and beyond. Named for the group of three shadowy figures who control the organization, the Triad operates in "cells", small groups which specialize in different enterprises outside of the law. There is little or no contact between the cells, to ensure that if one cell is arrested there are no ties to the others.

At the rise of the Klockwork rule, with its strict laws and meticulous attention to wiping out criminal activity, the Triad went far underground and many wondered if the organization had ceased to exist entirely. However, as the Klocks have begun to fall, there is increasing evidence that the Triad is returning to its position of influence and power. In fact, there are quiet whispers that the Triad may have even had a hand in fomenting the rebellion.

While very little is known about the Triad, rumors (both accurate and outrageous) often flourish.

Notable Characters in the Triad

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Miles Maudibe Jean Claude Yaxbury Halimari


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