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Dreven ShieldIn the year 1200, a general in the Order of the Silver Moon - a mercenary army used by the Archmages - led a motley group of soldiers, farmers, and members of many races in battle against the mixed mage, Icaruss Ap-ol Ithgath and his forces, which were mainly drawn from the Badlands. That general was Cornelius Dreven. Upon the death of Icaruss, Cornelius brought together seven separate realms that were then ruled by the Union of Six, won the allegiance of the archmages, and formed the Silver Moon Empire. The Dreven Dynasty saw the reign of three emperors over the next thirty years...

The Dreven Heritage, which is much more than a name, only affects those of the Dreven bloodline. This means that those that marry into the Bloodline do not share or assume these traits. To begin with, Drevens are immune to any pure magics. However, mixed magics do as much damage to Drevens as they would to anyone else. Pure magics, like Vivomancy do not work, hence, when Aslin broke her arm while a political prisoner during the Demon War, she had to have it casted and let it heal naturally. Vivomancers could do nothing for her but give her herbs for the pain. Pyromancy will burn all of the clothes on their body, but not their skin or hair. Real fire would burn them, but not that instigated by pyromancy.

The Drevens age differently than others. Children age normally up until they reach their adult statures. Once they stop growing up, their bodies begin regenerating at a much faster pace than 'normal' people, so they don't age as quickly and they heal more quickly naturally. By a rough measure, Drevens age one year for every seven years that pass. Only one Dreven in known memory has lived long enough to prove this to be true, and that was Cornelius the First. Although there is no proof, it has been postulated that the Drevens are more intimately connected with the planet of Lyran Tal than even the mages.


Dreven Timeline

1163, Bitewind 15 Cornelius I born.
1213, Moonshare 10 Cornelius II born to Cornelius and Madeline.
1214 Kaeso Dreven (Cornelius II's brother) born.
1230, Goldfall 14 Cornelius Dreven I is crowned as Emperor of the Silver Moon Empire
1237, Gentrain 11 (Hawk Day) Saskia Dreven born to Kaeso.
1237, Sunshare 7 (Snake Day) Tumian born to Cornelius II and Marinia.
1240, Fadefrost 9 Cornelius I dies at age 77.
1240, Blossombud 16 Cornelius II takes throne.
1241, Moonshare Kaeso dies under mysterious circumstances. His wife and daughter are spirited away.
1246, Goldfall 14 (Wolf Day) Kamal Dreven born to Irmaa Vep and Cornelius II.
1247, Fadefrost 21 Cornelius II dies. Harnum Silabrea Grey becomes acting regent.
1253, Meridian 15 Tumian takes the throne at age 16.
1257 Artis born to Saskia Dreven and Randall Victrian.
1257, Goldfall Tumian sequesters himself, nation undergoes recession as rumors abound concerning his state of health after defeating Gane Torask in battle.
1258, Earthfreeze 5 Icaruss reassembles the Shahir Ad-Zoth, regaining his own body; he discards Tumian's body, then showers Dreven with Fire Rain.
1259, Bitewind 30 Tumian revives from apparent death.
1260, Fadefrost 8 Aslin Dreven marries Prince Gerard Khersones of the Khorezim.
1260, Fadewarm Birth of twins to Aslin and Chajar Shaldolf-Sundew.
1262 Sorilae born to Irmaa Vep and Tumian.
1269, Blossombud 18 Tumian is killed and the Silver Moon Knights routed. Thousands are dead. The Klockwork Master immediately declares himself Emperor.
1269, Sunshare 19 The Klockwork Master and his army enter Dreven City. Dowager Empress Marinia Dreven disappears and is presumed dead.
1270 Unknown child born to Tumian and Annabella Morningstar. (unconfirmed rumor).
1275, Chillset Aslin Dreven Khersones returns briefly and unexpectedly to Dreven City.
1277, Fadefrost 18 Elazar Milan Dreven born to Kamal Dreven and Lida Mennth.


Cornelius Dreven I: Born Bitewind 15, 1163. The original Silver Moon Knights were a tight group of mercenary soldiers that were led by the handsome and charismatic Cornelius Dreven I. They typically hired out to Luminii and Annabella's ancestors, and to other regions for the right amount of money.They were basically good, but they really flourished during the Icarran Wars, and when Cornelius killed Icaruss at dawn on the battlefield and became the emperor, the Knights became the primary policing and soldiering force of the empire.

Cornelius Dreven II: Born Moonshare 10, 1213, son of Cornelius Dreven I and Madeline. A hearty man, not prone to illness and wise enough to surround himself with trusted advisors. He did not die a valiant death; some might even go so far as to say the second Emperor died like a commoner. There really was no mystery to his demise - it was simple. He was riding, the horse threw him, he landed badly, his neck snapped, and that was the end of his story.

Marinia (The Ice Queen): Marinia grew up on the outskirts of Arboria. Her father was a Geomancer, though this is not common knowledge. She was said to possess geomantic talismans that she used to keep in contact with her spies. Wife of Cornelius II and mother to Aslin and Tumian, Marinia's cold and aloof manners are legendary. The 'Ice Queen' vanished from Dreven when the Klockwork Army invaded Shadokhan, and was generally presumed dead. However, she actually escaped to the secret Tasyad Keep in Cloosidian. There she remained, accompanied by a contingent of Silver Moon Knights. Over time, more exiled Knights joined her, as did other humans and possibly mages fleeing the Klocks. There was some very limited communication over the years, mostly through magical means, with Silver Moon Knights in exile in their fort in Arboria, and even rarely with those at Fort Wantlokin in Luminii, led by the legendary General Shakar, whose health was unfortunately declining. As time went by, word began to come in that there was trouble brewing in the Klockwork Empire. Luminii rebelled, and for once the Klockmaster didn't seem to see it coming. The Silver Moon Knights and the Ice Queen saw an opportunity. The Knights from Arboria, expelled by Archmage Tumian, left Fort Klimteg to join the Cloosidian Knights, and together they marched into Shadokhan where they took over the small town of Kinross in the north and turned it into an outpost. When Aslin returned from her exile, there were certain hopes and expectations among those loyal to the Drevens that Marinia and Aslin would come together to restore the Dreven Dynyasty. Although Marinia has a reputation as a diabolical and calculating woman, nothing came of those hopes and the two returned to hiding.

Kaeso Dreven: Born 1214, younger brother to Cornelius II.

Aslin Dreven: Older sister to Tumian Dreven, her royal blood was not revealed to the public until the celebration of Tivili in Shadokhan, 1258. It was that year also that her love of the elven Weaponsmaster, Chajar Shaldolf-Sundew, was made apparent. But, due to mysterious and not widely-known circumstances, the star-crossed lovers went their separate ways. Aslin married Prince Girard Khersones of the distant Khorezim Empire and bore twins fathered by Chajar. The babies were taken from her and returned to Hyathis, one to be fostered with the elves, and the fate of the other unknown. Her return to Dreven City in Chillset 1275 briefly raised hopes that she would reclaim the throne. Those hopes were dashed when she took up with Shieh Sioriin, once a captain in the very army that destroyed her brother Tumian. Her appearance seemed not to have caused any but social waves, and then she disappeared again.

Saskia: Born 1262, daughter of Kaeso Dreven, and (unknown). Little is known about Saskia Victrian ne Dreven. Her birth and subsequent childhood were practically erased by the Dowager Empress Marinina Dreven as a means to secure her son Tumian's place as Emperor of the Silver Moon Empire. Saskia is Tumian's cousin, her father was Cornelius II's brother. She grew up in exile in the Sturrbith Mountains, surrounded by a regiment of Silver Moon Knights given charge to protect her mother and herself. When her mother died, the knights took over raising her. She became knowlegable and skilled in armor and arms, strategy and tactics. Among the contingent was a young squire, Randall Victrian. When Saskia came of age, they married. They have one son, Artis, who is now a Silver Moon Knight himself. Randall now commands the contingent, mostly made of elderly knights and those they have taken in over the years. Saskia Victrian's whereabouts are not known at this time, though rumor says she is in Cloosidian, doing what, no one can really say.

Tumian: Born Sunshare 7, 1237, Tumian was brought to the throne at the strapping age of 16 after his father, Cornelius II, was killed in a freak riding accident. Tumian led the empire as well as a young man could before the Demon War - and his defeat of Gane Torask - led to his death. A seeming miracle occurred when Tumian returned from the dead, but that is now known to be a deception. His body was possessed by the spirit of Icaruss Ap-ol Ithgath, and in that guise he nearly ran the empire to ruin. During the reign of the 'Khan of Shado,' the entity known as the Imperial Guard was formed. The Imperial Guard was dissolved upon Tumian's return, and three other new factions of soldiers, all under the name of Imperial Wolves, were formed. The Imperial Wolves were a small division within the military under the direct command of Chajar Shaldolf-Sundew, their purpose to ferret out any signs of Icaruss. While three ex-Imperials led the divisions, it had other members as well, including Silver Moon Knights and Rangers. Tumian Dreven continued to sacrifice much to restore the security and strength of his empire, only to lose it to the Klockwork Master on 18 Blossombud, 1269.

Kamal Dreven: Born Goldfall 14, 1246, son of Cornelius II and Irmaa Vep. Regent of Balthazor. As a babe, Kamal was left with a witch in the Requiem Swamp. All his life he sought to serve Irmaa. When the former Captain of the Malcoven Guard, Ashoken d'Allessair, brought him the story of his origins, it was a welcome surprise that explained much. Kamal possesses magic - perhaps the only Dreven to do so. He is a vivomancer, which is why many question his Dreven ancestry. However, because he was conceived outside the natural world, another trick of his undead, archmagess mother, the talent resultant from his peculiar blood mix is credible. As a vivomancer, he can heal others. As a Dreven, he ought to be able to heal himself but he has a failing heart that his Dreven blood cannot seem to fix.

Artis Victrian: Born 1257, son of Saskia Dreven and Randall Victrian. An only child, Artis is young, strong, handsome. He is tall like his father, heals quickly from injury, yet still suffers during the cold season. He is a Knight and enjoys the fighting. Maybe a little too much. He believes in the connection of the Drevens to the land and aims to see a Dreven on the throne of a new Empire.

Sorilae: Born 1262, daughter of Irmaa Vep and Tumian Dreven. (This tryst came about when Tumian and Irmaa were trapped in the Twixt where the rules of magic are unpredictable.) Under the protection of her half-brother Sinjin, the two of them were last known to be searching for some lost magic and secrets off the border of Thermador.

Elazar Milan Dreven: Born Fadefrost 18, 1277, son of Kamal Dreven and Lida Mennth. With a Dreven mage as his father and a 'wolf' carrying a magically mutated plague as his mother, this boy's life-force is dramatically strong. Unlike previous Dreven generations, Elazar seems to be aging rapidly through his childhood. As of 1279, at two years of age, he is lean, lithe and wolf-nimble. The illnesses that marked his first six cycles of life all passed. Only speculation can guess at what he will be, and do, when he is grown to manhood.

Dreven Family Tree

Dreven Artifacts

Dreven Artifacts - There are several items once owned by Cornelius Dreven the Elder which are claimed by scholars, historians and mages to be 'valuable relics,' though their importance varies according to the assertion of the claimant. Not all of the items are magical; not all of the items have been identified and located. Some of the more important articles are as follows:

  • Cornelius Dreven's Statue
  • Cornelius Dreven's Signet Ring
  • Cornelius Dreven's Armor
  • Dreven Sword, Dawn's Embrace
  • Dreven Sword, Twilight's Shade
  • Dreven Sword, Midnight's Fire

More information about thes artifacts can be found here: Magical Items

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